Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Standard Reservation Procedure

  • How to Make Online Reservations on Nivalink?
    For Online Reservation within India for options and proceed to reserve online. In case of any difficulties email to

    All online reservation undergo an additional level of off-line confirmation before final confirmation issued.

    Guests are able to make payments by Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer etc. For details on these and complete list of Payment options visit Payment option FAQ.

    Upon successful execution of payment, an online confirmation note is emailed to the guests. A final confirmation email is generated soon after an off-line confirmation.

  • How to make offline reservations (call)?
    Call our numbers ( and speak to one of the reservation executive.

    Our reservation assistants will advise you mode of payment. Our reservation assistants will take necessary steps to make reservations in guest name. A confirmation note will be emailed alongwith guidance on how to execute payment (based on payment option that has been preferred by guest during the discussion).

    Upon guest making payment, a final confirmation note is issued which is to be carried along and presented during travel.

  • How to make offline reservations (email)?
    Email on and await a reply within next working hour. Hereafter guests undergo a series of email exchanges. If telephone number has been mentioned then reservation assistants may call for speeding up the response.

    Rest follows as per paragraph 2 and paragraph 3 of the How to make offline reservations (call).

  • What is a confirmation note?
    Different hotels and service providers have diff methods of confirmation and so to standardise we have a note, which is known as the confirmation note that confirms the booking with details as agreed at the time of reservation between the reservation assistant and the guest. The note is passed to the hotels / service providers alongwith the payment.

    Guests are requested and kindly check this note and make sure everything agreed is put there.

    A Confirmation note means that the accommodation is booked for you. However unless expressly specified in the booking note all bookings are confirmed against advance payment (Either part or Full as agreed at the time of the reservation). Failure to meet this condition may result in reservation getting cancelled/lapsed. Guests may enquire about payment cut off date applicable for the booking. Upon guests meeting all reservations criteron (such as advance payment), a final confirmation is issued which is binding on Nivalink for its execution and fulfillment.

  • Is a booking/reservation note the final bill?
    No. Reservation note only suggests that a payment has been collected against a certain booking. Final and only bill is prepared by the resort during your stay and will be presented on checkout. This bill would also include any extras you consume during your stay (Items not included in the plan). Any balance payments have to be made direct. If one plans to use credit card and do ascertain in advance of credit cards are accepted at the hotel site.
  • What is payment cut-off date?
    It is date before which payments need to be sent to the Hotel/resort or the booking will get cancelled and confirmation note issued would be rendered void.
  • Cancellation Policy
    We have no cancellation policy of our own and we follow exactly the same policy for every booking as followed by the respective resort. Refer to terms of service for details –
  • I want to stay at a Hotel but cannot find availability?
    Hotels may be available through offline channels. email to with hotel name, date of check-in and other details or Call our numbers ( Our reservation assistants will be pleased to check availabilities with the hotel, suggest applicable tariff and upon your approval of the tariff undertake reservation on your behalf.

    Online availabilities are based on pre-booked hotel rooms and even these pre-booked rooms are exhausted, hotels may have more rooms that are available and can be booked via their front desk reservations.

  • I am a corporate traveller and want to make payments direct with the hotel?
    Online reservations requires pre-payments. Most mid-segment or higher business hotels do accept direct guests payment. email to with hotel name, date of check-in and direct paymeny request or Call our numbers (

    Direct payments are required to give their mobile number, arrival details and in Premium / luxury hotels their credit card number to be able to book hotels on direct payments.

    Leisure / getaway sector hotels require payment in advance from all travelers and therefore direct payment request can only be met if the corresponding hotel / service provider agrees for the same.

    Online rates sometimes are pre-purchase rates and therefore cannot be offered to direct payment guests. So there may be a different rate that may be offered to one quoted online.

  • What are the different payment options available for Online booking at


    • Credit Card - Mastercard / Visa
    • Debit Card - Maestro
    • Interbank Transfer - 12 Major Banks in India to our ICICI Bank account

    Offline for Customers within India

    • Cash Deposit in our ICICI Bank account (Bank Details given as under). Click here to Locate ICICI Branch/ATM near you.
    • Cheque Deposit in our ICICI Bank account (Bank Details given as under). Click here to Locate ICICI Branch/ATM near you.
    • Credit Card Swipe at our Office premises (Visa / Mastercard / AMEX) during office hours
    • Online Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard) or Bank Transfer - Reservation agent will provide a link for payment upon confirmation
    • Cash / Cheque collection from any location in Mumbai and 12 other cities in India via Gharpay service

    Offline for Customers outside India

    • Online Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard) - Reservation agent will provide a link for payment upon confirmation
    • Paypal - Request for our paypal id and approximate foreign currency amount to pay based on rate of exchange for the day.
    • SWIFT Bank Transfer - For banks not having branches in India. Reservation agent will provide details upon confirmation. Recommended for transfer in excess of USD 1000.
    • Direct Rupee Transfer - For banks having branches in India. Can use bank details listed below for the same.
    • Western Union Money Transfer - (Kindly ask for Address details for Western union transfers before making a transfer)
    • Remit Payments using using below bank details.

    Bank Details

    • Bank - ICICI Bank, Branch – Matunga (East)
    • Account Name - Nivalink Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd
    • Account no - 623705019120, Account Type - Current
    • IFSC Code - ICIC0006237

FAQ - Standard Payment Options

  • Which credit cards are accepted for Online Reservation?
    Mastercard / Visa cards are accepted. Payment gateway assesses risk from time to time and issuing banks also put conditional restrictions on use of cards. So it’s possible that some cards are declined without any conceivable reason. In such cases use of an alternative card typically works (Guest will be required to speak to the Card issuing bank in case of continuous payment failures).

    We accept International and Domestic Credit Cards. Cards go through 4 step verification process (Name, Card No, last 3 digit of CVV No. on back of the Card and online verification by issuing bank).

    AMEX cards acceptance is under process.

  • Is Online Credit Card use Secure?
    Online Reservation is now widely accepted as the safest mode of transferring payments and securing reservations. The credit card details are accepted and processed online using high level of encryption and without any human intervention. At no point the card details are stored anywhere accept with issuing bank servers and therefore its not possible to access it for fraudulent use at a later date. Most credit card frauds happen on account of credit card details stolen from offline sources like restaurants, malls etc. and then processed online.
  • Is there an option where one does not want to pay by credit card but still wants to avail Online tariffs?
    Yes. Call our numbers ( speak to the reservation agent and deposit payment in as per one of the payment options (as listed below) and then have the reservation agent make reservations for you. Here the only issue is that online reservation can be done only after payment is received and there is a chance of room getting sold in the mean while.
  • Can I do my hotel bookings online and still call up for other related services such as Transport, Guide Service etc. booked offline?
    Yes. Call our numbers ( speak to the reservation agent or email to for the requirements.
  • Can I book my long stay online (1 week or more)?
    Yes based on availability. However full payment for entire stay has to be paid for the same. However it is possible to procure better long stay rates for most hotels offline. One can also get better payment flexibility and are not required to pay full advance. So it is advisable to book a long stay offline. Call our numbers ( speak to the reservation agent or email to for the requirements.
  • Can I book my group reservations online (5 rooms or more)?
    Group reservations always come with some level of customization, which is not possible under online reservation environment. Call our numbers ( speak to the reservation agent or email to for the requirements.
  • In planning an itinerary, some hotels may have an online option and others don’t have one. Can one do mix and match?
    Online Room Inventories can only be booked against payment. However it is advisable to first finalise itinerary, routing and stays. Once the itinerary is final, if any of the hotels selected has online rates on offer, then one can opt for it for best rates. Transport and flights if any will have to be looked separately as an offline function. However this has to be done in co-ordination with the itinerary team to ensure that all happens seamlessly.
  • After making the reservation if I need to book any additional services such as pickups etc. whom should one speak to?
    Call our numbers ( speak to the reservation agent or email to for the requirements.
  • If my payment is done successfully online and receive a confirmation should I assume that the reservation is confirmed?
    Yes. All online confirmation undergo an offline verification from our end. So once a final confirmation is received, booking is fully confirmed. A printout is all you need to carry. For any on-travel assistance there is a helpline number listed on the confirmation note.