(1800 Ft Above Sea Level)

(Also known as Nasik )

Maharashtra | India
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Nashik is categorised as Pilgrimage / Business and Transit / Experiential

Ram Kund
Vineyard (Nivalink Trip Dated - 13 December 2015)
Wine Making (Nivalink Trip Dated - 13 December 2015)
Wine Tasting (Nivalink Trip Dated - 13 December 2015)
Zonkers adventure Park
Sula Vineyards
Datta Temple, Panchvati
Sundar Narayan Temple
Phalke Smarak
Shani Shingnapur Temple
Someshwar Temple
Godha Park
Anjaneri Temple
Trymbakeshwar Temple
Saptashrungi Temple
Ekmukhi Datta Temple
Sita Gunfa
Kalaram Temple
Pandava Caves

Reasons to Visit
  • Nashik is a major Industrial hub and pilgrim destination
  • Nashik is home to many Vineyards and Wine making units
  • Nasik, situated on the Godavari River, is one of the most sacred places of the Hindus. This ancient There are a number of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain temples. Nasik, referred to as Rambhumi, is associated with a number of stories from the epic Ramayana.
  • Nashik is where famous and historic Kumbh Mela, held once in every 12 years, is celebrated there.
  • Trimbakeshwar (One of 12 Jyotilinga Temples of Lord Shiva) is located 40 km from Nashik
  • Nashik is also a base and access point to visit Shirdi Saibaba temple at Shirdi, Shani Shinganapur temple and Saptashrungi Temple near Vani
  • Destinations for Transit stay on the Mumbai - Nagpur highway"Nashik lies at 170 kms from Mumbai and right on Mumbai - Nagpur route. Nashik is generally preferred by travellers coming back from Nagpur. "
  • Destinations within 100-250 kms from Mumbai via Nashik Highway"Nashik (170 kms from Mumbai) is an industrial town, home to Sula Vineyards getaway Resort, a renowned getaway resort ex-Mumbai. "
  • Lord Rama Pilgrimages In India"Nashik (180 kms from Mumbai) is believed to be the place where Lord Rama spent time during his 14 years in exile. Panchavati area in Nashik has significant religious significance for Hindus with a temple complex on the bend of the Godavari river. There are number of Temples (Shree KalaRam Mandir) and Caves (Sita Gumpha) in and around Nashik that are linked to Lord Rama and are visited by devotees."
  • Jain Pilgrimages of Maharashtra"Mangi-Tungi are twin hills at 125 kms from Nashik. There are numerous temples and is considered sacred in Jainism. Around 4,500 steps lead to the foot of the peak. It is visited as part of full day excursion from Nashik."
  • Shaktipeetha Temples in West and Central India"Saptashrungi Devi Temple is situated 50 kms (1 hour) from Nashik (Maharashtra) and is considered one of the Shakti Peetha temples and visited as part of Nashik Pilgrimage or as part of pilgrim break alongwith Shirdi or as part of Maharasthra pilgrimage itinerary. "
  • Airports and Access Points in Maharashtra"Nasik Road railway station offers convenient access point for pilgrimages of Nashik, Deolali cantonment area, Shirdi (80 kms), Trimbakeshwar (40 kms) and Saputara (90 kms)"
  • Most Visited Pilgrim destinations in Maharashtra"Nashik is home to many temples that are linked to Ramayana. It is believed that Lord Rama stayed here during his exile. Well visited Modern day pilgrimages include Muktidham near Nasik Road railway station that have replicas of many renowned pilgrimages in India. Saptashrungi Temple (A Shaktipeetha Temple) can also be day visited from Nashik (50 kms)."
  • Vineyard destinations of Maharashtra"Nashik is home to Sula Vineyard and many other vineywards arounds that offer a comprehensive Vineyard experience to getaway seekers and experiential travellers."
  • Industrial Townships of Maharashtra"Nashik lies at 170 kms from Mumbai on Mumbai - Agra highway (NH-03). It is a major Industrial and business process outsourcing (BPO/IT) destination of Maharashtra. Nashik also has 36 world class wineries (about 50% of Maharashtra total) and many iquor manufacturing factories. "
Access Information

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Getaway (1-3 nights)2
Short Break (4-6 nights)1

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List of Holidays for Nashik


  • Nashik Pilgrim Getaway (2 Nights)
  • Shirdi - Nashik Pilgrim Getaway (2 Nights)

Short Break

  • Three and a half Shakti Peethas in Maharashtra (4 Nights)

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Day Sightseeing

ServicesRates Starting From
Central Mumbai to Trimbakeshwar Temple and Nashik Day Visit and backRs. 7628
Day Sightseeing in NashikRs. 1761
Day Sightseeing Nashik to Shirdi with Shani Shinganapur Temple and backRs. 3696
Day Visit Nashik to Shani Shinganapur Temple and backRs. 3696
Day visit Nashik to Shirdi and backRs. 3168
Day visit Nashik to Trimbakeshwar to Bhandardara to Igatpuri and backRs. 3168
Day visit Nashik with Trimbakeshwar and backRs. 2817
Full Day Sightseeing Nashik with Saptashrungi Temple and backRs. 3521
Full Day visit Temples and Pilgrimages in NashikRs. 3168
Mumbai Western Suburbs to Trimbakeshwar Temple and Nashik Day Visit and backRs. 5516
Navi Mumbai to Trimbakeshwar Temple and Nashik Day Visit and backRs. 6112
South Mumbai to Trimbakeshwar Temple and Nashik Day Visit and backRs. 7628
Thane to Trimbakeshwar Temple and Nashik Day Visit and backRs. 5985

Point to Point Transport

ServicesRates Starting From
Pickup Drop between Thane and NashikRs. 6102
Pickup from Aurangabad and Drop to NashikRs. 6096
Pickup from Nashik and Drop to BhandardaraRs. 2934
Pickup from Nashik and Drop to IgatpuriRs. 2348
Pickup from Nashik and Drop to SaputaraRs. 2934
Pickup from Nashik and Drop to ShirdiRs. 2934
Pickup from Pune and Drop to NashikRs. 6542
Pickup from Shirdi and Drop to NashikRs. 2348
Pickup/Drop between Central Mumbai and NashikRs. 6219
Pickup/Drop between Mumbai Western Suburbs and NashikRs. 5516
Pickup/Drop between Navi Mumbai and NashikRs. 4445
Pickup/Drop between South Mumbai and NashikRs. 7628

Railway Station Pickup or Drop

ServicesRates Starting From
Pickup/Drop between Nashik Road Railway and SaputaraRs. 2934
Pickup/Drop between Nashik Road Railway and ShirdiRs. 2934
Pickup/Drop between Nashik Road Railway and TrimbakeshwarRs. 1761
Pickup/Drop between Nashik Road Railway Station and Hotel in NashikRs. 1056

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List of Service Add Ons for Nashik


Services Rates Starting From
White Water Rafting on Vaitarna RiverRs. 1200


Services Rates Starting From
Day visit to Sula VineyardsRs. 112
Day visit to Sula Vineyards with Premium TastingRs. 278
Day visit to Sula Vineyards with Regular Tasting Rs. 167
Day visit to York Winery with Premium Wine TastingRs. 278
Day visit to York Winery with Regular Wine TastingRs. 167

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Destination Ideas

  • Deccan Odyssey - Luxury Train Experience
  • Nashik - Lord Rama Pilgrimage
  • Nashik Pilgrimage
  • Nashik Vineyard Experience
  • Saptashrungi Pilgrimage
  • Shani Shingnapur Pilgrimage
  • Three and a half Shakti Peeth of Goddess Shakti in Maharashtra
  • Trimbakeshwar–Shiva Jyoirlinga Temple
  • Zonkers Adventure Park - Day Adventure option in Nashik

Stay Ideas

  • Beyond - Sula Vineyards
  • Gateway Hotel Nashik – A Premium Getaway

Festivals linked to Nashik (Maharashtra)

  • Kumbh Mela Experience

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  • NameDescriptionCategorySub-CategoryDistance(Kms)
    Coin Museum of Nashik has a collection of research and well-documented history of Indian currencies
    Panchavati is a place of religious significance and a pilgrimage spot. Panchavati was the place in the forest where Rama built his home along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman during their 14 year exile period. It was from here that Ravana is believed to have abducted Goddess Sita. Today this area is a major pilgrimage and tourist attraction. Guests also visit Naroshankar Temple in the area, an eighteenth century heritage temple.
    Temple or Holy Place
    Lord Rama
    Sita Gupha is where it is believed that Sita, Lord Rama and Lakshman during their 14 year exile period, prayed here to Lord Shiva. The ancient Shivalinga still exists in the small temple in the cave and is visited by devotees.
    Temple or Holy Place, Heritage Site
    Lord Rama, Caves
    The Kalaram temple is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Nashik. Temple is dedicated to Lord Rama.
    Temple or Holy Place
    Lord Rama
    Ramkund at Panchvati is where Lord Rama is believed to have taken bath
    Temple or Holy Place
    Lord Rama, Holy Lake or Holy River
    Nashik Planetarium is named after late Shri Yashwantrao Chavan. It runs 3 shows a day and is popular with school students.
    Ekmukhi Datta mandir temple is a Lord Dattatreya temple set near Ramkund area.
    Temple or Holy Place
    Lord Dattatreya
    Sundar Narayan Temple near Ramkund is one visited for its temple architecture and heritage character.
    Heritage Site
    Heritage Temple
    Sundarnarayan Temple is an 18th Century Lord Vishnu Temple sporting a nice heritage character located near Gandhi Talab
    Temple or Holy Place
    Lord Vishnu
    Godhapark is a riverside area offering a park for locals for jogging, walking and general recreation.
    Ved mandir is a place where children are taught vedas. It has been constructed by eminent Industrialist of Nashik.
    Iskcon temple at Nashik is one of the most active temple in Nashik and has a number of activities and programmes conducted that focus on spirituality and being a better human being.
    Temple or Holy Place
    Iskcon Temple
    Navshya Ganapati Temple is a 300+ year old Lord Ganesha temple going towards Someshwar
    Temple or Holy Place
    Lord Ganesha
    Phalke Smarak is home to photos of works of Dadasaheb Phalke. The complex is now expanded to have a musical fountain and a water park where locals arrive for recreation.
    Museum, Theme Parks
    Memorial, Waterpark
    Pandav Leni are a group of 1200-year-old Buddhist caves at 8 kms from Nashik. These were built by Buddhist kings as homes for the saints.
    Heritage Site
    Buddhist Heritage, Caves
    Muktidham is a pilgrim centre where replicas of 12 Jyotirlinga temples have been built as per dimension of original deities and have been sanctified by sending them to their respective pilgrimage centers. Muktidham is a major pilgrim and tourist visit centre.
    Temple or Holy Place
    Bhaktidham is a temple and a pilgrim centre visited by tourists. It has a wide range of deities Goddess Durga, Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, Lord Pashupatinath, Goddess Saptashrungi, Lord Ganesha etc
    Temple or Holy Place
    Temple of Bhagwan Mahavir on a hillock inside a cave. The temple is frequented by Jain pilgrims.
    Temple or Holy Place
    Jain Temple
    Someshwar is a quiet area by the Godavari river where a Lord Shiva temple is located alongwith other temples. Guests looking at recreational activities, Boating and Paddle boats are available for hire.
    Temple or Holy Place, Rides
    Lord Shiva, Boating
    Dhamma Nāsikā, meaning Nose of Dhamma,is a meditation and Vipasana centre situated at 3 kms from Gangapur Lake on outskirts of Nashik. It is set on a 17-acre triangular plot, about one-hour drive from Dhamma Giri Igatpuri.
  • NameDescriptionCategorySub-CategoryDistance(Kms)
    Jain Temple at Viholi is home to an impressive Jain Temple and visited by Jain pilgrims.
    Temple or Holy Place
    Jain Temple
    Trimbakeshwar is a Lord Shiva temple and a major pilgrimage centre. It is also one of the 12 Jyotirlinga Temples of Shiva.
    Temple or Holy Place
    Lord Shiva, Jyotirlinga
    Anjaneri is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman and there is a temple here dedicated to Lord Hanuman.
    Temple or Holy Place
    Lord Hanuman
    Gargoti is situated on Nashik - Shirdi road and is the only museum in the country which houses such a large collection of crystalline minerals. It is owned privately and represents a private collection of over 30 years of Mr Pandey.
    Minerals Museum
    Dhammagiri is a math which offers courses in Vipasana (a form of meditation). The large Golden Pagoda of Dhammagiri is a landmark for Igatpuri. The math attracts a lots of people from various parts of India as well as abroad.
    Saptashrungi Temple is a Shaktipeetha temple near Nashik set on a hilltop visited enroute to Saputara (20 kms detour)
    Temple or Holy Place
    Devi Temple, Shaktipeetha
    Shirdi Saibaba temple is located at the heart of the Shirdi town and houses the samadhi (burial site) of Sai Baba. Shirdi is one of the most visited temples in India and now an international renowned pilgrim centre for devotees of Saibaba.
    Temple or Holy Place
    Dabhosa is a perennial waterfall at about 20 kms from Jawahar. Waterfalls are at its best in Monsoon and they stay on a few months after that.
    Natural Wonders
    Shingnapur is renowned for its Shani Temple popularly known as Shani Shinganapur Temple. It is renowned for the fact that no house in the village has locked doors. Despite this, no theft is reported in the village
    Temple or Holy Place
    Navagraha Temple
    Bhimashankar Temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples of Shiva at 110 kms from Pune. Bhimashankar is also the source of the river Bhima, which eventually merges with the Krishna river.
    Temple or Holy Place
    Lord Shiva, Jyotirlinga
  • NameDescriptionCategorySub-CategoryDistance(Kms)
    Sula Vineyards is an Indian winery located near Nashik spread over 160 acres. The vineyards also houses a resort and one can do a day visit as well during season where one can taste varieties of wines produced at the winery and also take a look at harvesting process.
    Vineyard Visit
    Zonkers Adventure Park (Started in Oct 2015) is an Adventure cum recreation Park in outskirts of Nashik by the Gangapur Lake offering a wide range of Adventure activities. Outdoor adventure and fun activities include GoKart, Low Rope and High Rope activities, Rock Climbing, net Cricket, archery, rappling, zip line, cross bow, mechanical bull riding and more. Zonkers plans to open Indoor recreation activities as well that would include Carrom, table tennis, Pool, digital dart, foos ball etc. Zonkers Adventure Park is one for the family travellers and adventure seekers to spend half a day exploring Vineyards, Gangapur Lakeside and activities.

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  • Belgaum ( 617 Km )

    Belgaum is the third largest town in Karnataka on the Northern tip and access point for Amboli, more

Average Day / Night Temperature of Nasik,Maharashtra,India


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Temperature High:

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Getting There

Locality NameDescriptionSuitable ForHotels (Nos)
Dwarka CircleDwarka Circle is where NH-50 (towards Pune, Shirdi) and NH-3 (Mumbai - Agra highway) meet and just before Dwarka circle on NH-3 and after Dwarka circle on NH-50 there are mid-segment hotels that are convenient and cater to all segments of travellers i.e. business and pilgrimage and transit.Transit/Business-
Mumbai - Agra HighwayRight from Ambad, few kms from city centre on NH-03, there are business hotels located that are convenient for all segment of guests.Transit/Business/Holiday/Getaway4
Nasik Road StationAbout 10 kms from city centre and convenient for transit travellers, pilgrims enroute Shirdi (80 kms) and business travellers visiting industrial areas around this part of Nashik.Transit/Business-
Pune RoadThis is just on the outskirts of the city centre and convenient for Business travellers and pilgrim travellers in transit enroute to Shirdi (85 kms).Transit/Business-
Trimbak RoadThis is just on the outskirts of the city centre and convenient for business travellers and pilgrimage centric guests to Trymbakeshwar Jyotirlinga Shiva Temple (20 kms).Business1
Gangapur LakeLakeside area at few kms from Nashik around the VineyardsGetaway5
WaldeviWaldevi is set around Waldevi Dam and Backwaters around it at 20 kms from Nashik off Nashik - Igatpuri - Mumbai highway.Getaway1
Airport in Nashik
  • Gandhinagar Airport ( ISK ) , Nashik
Railway Stations in Nashik
  • Nasik Road ( NK ), Nashik
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