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Himachal Pradesh | India
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Manali is categorised as Hill Station / Riverside

Rohtang Pass in Summer
Typical Cottage in Manali (Nivalink Trip Dated - 3 August 2010)
ATV Ride in Manali (Photo Courtesy Sudip Shroff)
Jogini Falls behind the Small Shrine (Photo Courtesy: Admin)
Solang Valley
Solang Valley
View from Solang
Wooden Bridge
View from Manali
River Beas
Temple on Mall Road
View of River Beas
Hadimba Temple
Vashisht Temple (Nivalink Trip Dated - 3 August 2010)

Reasons to Visit
  • Manali is a major hill station and a preferred Ex-Chandigarh weekend Getaway and a destination for Honeymooners, adventure lovers.
  • Manali is the base point for the legendary Manali-Leh Route and considered ultimate driving holiday and adventurous route.
  • Manali is perhaps the best destination in Himachal for a nature centric experience. Town is set in a valley and therefore not cramped for space like other hill stations.
  • Solang Valley near Manali is adventure hub of Himachal Pradesh where Skiing is conducted in Winter and wide ranging adventure sports in Summer Rafting is conducted near Manali and is a popular Summer adventure sport.
  • Manali is where guests arrive for a getaway, 3-4 nights or a weeklong stay exploring and experiencing Himalayan beauty of the area
  • Self Catering Cottages in Manali is a unique stay option for guests arriving for longer stays
Know It
  • It snows in Manali in Winter (Jan - March)

  • White Water Rafting Destinations in India"Rafting can be enjoyed downstream on the Beas river from Pirdi to Jhiri on a track of about 16 km in length. River Beas offers excellent Grade II and Grade III rapids. There are number of operators locally operate rafting and for leisure guests travelling to Manali Rafting is one of the popular activities. Season - April-June"
  • Himalayan Destinations for Active Holidays in India"While Manali Town is generally considered touristy, Solang area 15 kms ahead of Manali is considered a hub for all adventure activities in the area such as Paragliding and Zorbing. There are number of short walks and treks that can be approached with Solang at the base."
  • Popular Hill Stations of India"Manali (7000+ ft asl) is a riverside hill station offering exceptional himalayan beauty. Solang Valley near Manali is an adventure hub offering a range of adventure options such as paragliding. Rohtang Pass nearby offers excellent views and snow experience till June. Other options to explore comprise waterfalls, temples, hot springs and rafting. Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara is an excursion away."
  • Popular Destinations of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab"Manali (7000 ft asl - 260 kms from Shimla) is the most visited and sought after destination of Himachal Pradesh offering hotels, self catering cottages and riverside resorts for accommodation. Manali offers a range of experiences that include Adventure (Paragliding, Rafting etc), view points, waterfalls etc. besides offering stunning Himalayan views. Typical Stay - 3-4 nights"
  • Popular Destinations in India with Close Range Himalayan Views"Manali (7000 ft asl) offers a combination of riverside and Himalayan snow clad peak experience. Snow clad peaks are visible from every corner of Manali and become more pronounced closer to areas like Solang Valley."
Access Information

Manali has 28 Hotels approved and listed with Nivalink

Type of HotelsCount
Self Catering1

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12 verified holiday itineraries are listed for Manali

Getaway (1-3 nights)1
Short Break (4-6 nights)6
Holiday (7 or more)5

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List of Holidays for Manali


  • Manali Getaway (3 Nights)

Short Break

  • A Week in Manali (6 Nights)
  • Extended Manali Getaway (6 Nights)
  • Manali with Jispa (6 Nights)
  • Manali with Manikaran (5 Nights)
  • Manali with Spiti Valley (Kaza) (6 Nights)
  • Manali with Spiti Valley (Kaza) and Chandertal Lake (6 Nights)


  • Full Himachal with Golden Temple (10 Nights)
  • Manali with Shoghi and Shoja (8 Nights)
  • Manali with Shoja and Ropar (7 Nights)
  • Sangla Valley - Spiti Valley (9 Nights)
  • Shimla -Manali (8 Nights)

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Manali has 32 Transport services that can be booked online. Click here for reviewing and booking them.

Airport Pickup or Drop

ServicesRates Starting From
Car hire - Drop to Bhuntar Airport from ManaliRs. 3155
Pickup from Kullu Airport and drop to Hotel in ManaliRs. 2993
Transfer between Kullu Airport and Hotel in Solang ValleyRs. 2934

Car On Disposal

ServicesRates Starting From
Car hire - Leh Drop from Manali via 2 night stays at Keylong / Jispa / SarchuRs. 25227
Car hire - Leh Drop from Manali via Overnight at Keylong / Jispa / SarchuRs. 21708
Pickup from Leh and drop to Manali in 2 days or Vice VersaRs. 22787

Day Sightseeing

ServicesRates Starting From
Car hire - Bijli Mahadev Temple Visit - Short TrekRs. 3168
Car hire - Day Visit to Gulaba enroute Rohtang PassRs. 1820
Car hire - Day visit to Prashar Lake ex-ManaliRs. 4694
Car hire - Day Visit to Rahla Fall Rs. 1937
Car hire - Day Visit to Solang Valley Rs. 1484
Car hire - Full Day Rohtang Pass Rs. 8334
Car hire - Half day visit to Naggar Rs. 1761
Car hire - Visit to Kothi near ManaliRs. 1409
Car hire- Full day visit to Kasol and Manikaran ex-ManaliRs. 3339
Car hire- Full day visit to Naggar and Janna waterfall Rs. 2537
Full Day sightseeing in and around ManaliRs. 1878
Full Day Sightseeing Manali to Solang Valley and Rohtang pass excursionRs. 2934
Half Day sightseeing in and around ManaliRs. 1484
Rohtang Excursion from ManaliRs. 6112

Point to Point Transport

ServicesRates Starting From
Car hire - Manali to Ambala DropRs. 9387
Car hire - Manali to Amritsar DropRs. 11735
Car hire - Manali to Chandigarh Drop Rs. 7223
Car hire - Manali to Dalhousie Drop Rs. 8801
Car hire - Manali to Dharamsala DropRs. 5000
Car hire - Manali to Jammu dropRs. 11969
Car hire - Manali to Katra dropRs. 12966
Car hire - Manali to Kaza (Spiti Valley) Drop via Kunzum La PassRs. 10560
Car hire - Manali to Keylong via Rohtang PassRs. 7628
Car hire - Manali to New Delhi AirportRs. 14433
Car hire - Manali to Pathankot DropRs. 8918
Car hire - Manali to Shimla DropRs. 7275

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Manali has 10 Add Ons approved and listed with Nivalink.

Wildlife Excursion1

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List of Service Add Ons for Manali


Services Rates Starting From
Canyoning in Manali - Half Day Adventure from ManaliRs. 4862
Rock Climbing and Bouldering - Adventure Activities in ManaliRs. 3889
Skiing in Solang Valley ManaliRs. 10658
White Water Rafting in River Beas - Adventure Activity in KulluRs. 11112


Services Rates Starting From
Naggar Downhill - Manali to Naggar Riverside Cycling TripRs. 7223


Services Rates Starting From
Fishing Around Manali - Baragrain NalaRs. 4862
Fishing Around Manali - Beas RiverRs. 4445
Fishing Around Manali - Manalsu Nala Old ManaliRs. 3750


Services Rates Starting From
Jogini Waterfall Trek - Half Day Trek in ManaliRs. 3334
Lamadug Trek - Full Day Trek from ManaliRs. 4445

Wildlife Excursion

Services Rates Starting From
Rock Climbing and Bouldering - Adventure Activities in ManaliRs. 3889

12 Travel Ideas listed for Manali. Click here for reviewing them.

Destination Ideas

  • A Week in Manali
  • Adventure Getaways ex-Manali
  • Kaza-Manali Driving Experience
  • Manali - Leh - High Altitude Himalayan Cycling
  • Manali to Leh - Biking and Himalayan Adventure drive experience
  • Rafting in Kullu – Manali area
  • Self Catering Cottages in Manali
  • Skiing in Manali
  • Solang Valley Experience
  • Summer in Manali

Stay Ideas

  • Solang Valley Resort Experience
  • Span Resort riverside experience

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  • NameDescriptionCategorySub-CategoryDistance(Kms)
    Tibetan market is renowned for Tibetan handicrafts, which are created by the residents and the immigrants from Tibet. The most popular of the items are souveniers.
    High Street

    1533 Hadimba Temple, also known as Dhoongri Temple, is an ancient temple situated in Manali.

    Temple or Holy Place
    Devi Temple
    A short trek from a point couple of kms from town centres leads you to Jogini falls. This is a perennial waterfall and its enthralling as one can actually was under and around the waterfall.
    Natural Wonders
    Vashisht is a small village on the banks of Beas River, the village is famous for its hot springs and temples.
    Natural Wonders
    Sulphur Springs
    Manu temple at Manali is believed to be the only temple in India of Sage Manu (Manu Rishi).
    Temple or Holy Place
    Old Manali is about 3 km from Manali. A series of small guesthouses and cafes are found on the way to the village. Most of the houses in the village have heavy stone roofs and wooden balconies. Maharishi Temple, dedicated to Sage Manu, and the ruins of Manaligarh Fort are the places to visit.
    Temple or Holy Place
    Arjun Gufa is situated near Prini village and is around 5 km from Manali. The cave lies on the left bank of Beas River. Legend has it that Arjuna (central character of the Mahabharata mythology) prayed here.
    Heritage Site
    Very old temples of Lord Shiva and Sandhya Gayatri in Shikhara style at 6 kms from Manali on Naggar Road.
    Heritage Site
    Heritage Temple
    15 kms from Manali town centre is Sollang nullah, a hub for a range of adventure activities all round the year (Skiing in Winter and Paragliding / Zorbing etc. in Summer). Ropeway here is popular for some stunning views of the area.
  • NameDescriptionCategorySub-CategoryDistance(Kms)
    Naggar Castle represents old kingdom of Kullu and offers a stunning view of the upper Kullu valley
    Heritage Site
    Royal Heritage
    Atal Tunnel is a tunnel built under the Rohtang Pass on the Leh-Manali Highway. It is historic as it cuts down the distance between Manali to Leh by 50 kms and makes Lahaul region of Himachal Pradesh accessible all round the year. Atal Tunnel is the longest high altitude tunnel of its kind in the world and has become a major touirst attraction eversince its opened and therefore must visit for all travellers.
    View Point
    Himalayan Views
    40 kms from Manali, off Naggar road is village Jana. The waterfall is perennial and one also enjoys local cuisine served by Dhabas around here.
    Natural Wonders
    40 kms from Manali is Rohtang Pass, one that takes guests into Lahaul and Spiti valley. Rohtang Pass is open June - Sept. However tourists travel upto base of the Pass till Kothi (16 kms) and a bit beyond to enjoy snow experience that includes a bit of sliding and fun playing with snow. This area is extremely touristy in high season and often seas heavy traffic jams.
    View Point
    Himalayan Views
    Rohtang Pass is an area where guests get to feel snow and play with it almost all round the year except a few months in monsoon (July-Sept). There is fun skiing, sliding, playing with snow and a kind of touristy carnival atmosphere around during summer season. While Rohtang may be 40 kms from Manali, guests dont always go all the way up and start as soon as they reach snowline which could vary in diff season (During Winter it snows in Manali itself, not requiring guests to really head for Rohtang)
    Snow Experience
    Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara is commemorates the visit of Guru Nanak Dev to this area. It is a major Pilgrim centre for Sikh pilgrims arriving from all over from North India.
    Major Gurdwara
  • NameDescriptionCategorySub-CategoryDistance(Kms)
    Solang Valley, 15 kms from Manali town is home to skiing in Winter. Ski lifts have been setup in 2011 for organised skiing.
    Beaskund Trek is a popular multi-day trek ex-Solang Valley area of Manali. The trek takes one to Beaskund Glacier (10000+ ft asl) which is considered origin of the Beas river. Beaskund trek is a popular 3 day trek option for guests to Manali. Beaskund trek requires two night camping stay at Dhundi village from where the Glacier is approached via a day trek.
    Rafting is a summer activity in Beas river from Manaki to Jhiri section near Kullu. A watersports centre is setup here to facilitate rafting. The journey takes upto 2 hours consisting of rapids from grade II & III covering 14 kms.
    White Water Rafting

Destinations within reach from Manali

  • Naggar ( 20 Km )

    Naggar (20 kms from Kullu and Manali) on the left bank of the Beas River and offers commanding more

  • Raison ( 26 Km )

    Raison is a riverside location 15 kms after Kullu and 26 kms before Manali, known for off-beat and more

  • Kullu ( 42 Km )

    Kulllu area is known for apple orchards and trout fishing besides a range of adventure activities more

  • Mandi ( 110 Km )

    Mandi is a transit stay option. It is the gateway to the Kullu Valley and a point where road from more

  • Shoja ( 115 Km )

    Shoja (or called Sohja or Sojha) is a Himalayan hamlet (8500 ft asl) 5 kms short of Jalori Pass. more

  • Bir ( 190 Km )

    Bir in Himachal Pradesh is renowned for being home to many institutes that promote spirituality, more

  • Chindi ( 200 Km )

    Chindi is lies on the route which one takes to access Kullu Valley during winter when Jalori Pass more

  • Narkanda ( 200 Km )

    Narkanda (8000 ft asl) is an area surrounded with orchards and a transit point on the Hindustan more

  • Palampur ( 210 Km )

    Palampur also known as the 'Tea Capital of North India,' is a popular hill station. Palampur is more

  • Sarahan ( 210 Km )

    Sarahan lies beyond Rampur off the Old Hindustan-Tibet Road and is visited for the Bhimkali Temple more

  • Thanedar ( 217 Km )

    Thanedar, an apple orchard growing area at a height of 7,250 ft and 80 km from Shimla and 18 kms more

  • Theog ( 235 Km )

    Theog is set at about 30-35 kms from Shimla on the national highway leading to remote areas of more

  • Una ( 248 Km )

    Una lies on the Punjab - Himachal border at 120 kms from Chandigarh and is the access point to more

  • Pragpur ( 250 Km )

    Pragpur, India’s first heritage village lies in Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh. The famous more

  • Shoghi ( 250 Km )

    Shoghi is a wooded area 15 kms before Shimla. There are couple of adventure / nature oriented more

  • Ropar ( 255 Km )

    Ropar lies only 50 kms from Chandigarh. The major pilgrimage destinations in Ropar comprise Naina more

  • Shimla ( 260 Km )

    Shimla being the famous holiday resort that used to enjoy the status of being the summer capital more

  • Deha ( 262 Km )

    Deha (6000+ ft asl) is an Himalayan Hamlet at 67 kms from Shimla having totally cut off character more

  • Kasauli ( 265 Km )

    Kasauli is a small cantonment town in Solan district off Kalka - Shimla Highway and still retains more

  • Kalka ( 280 Km )

    Kalka is a railhead at 40 kms from Chandigarh and starting point of the renowned Kalka - Shimla more

  • Mashobra ( 285 Km )

    Mashobra is 12 km from Naldehra near Shimla. Situated at a height of 2600 m, Mashobra is a retreat more

  • Pong Dam ( 288 Km )

    The Maharana Pratap Sagar reservoir (Popularly known as Pong Dam) in Kangra area and known for its more

  • Solan ( 290 Km )

    Solan is home to some getaways and a transit stay option on Kakla - Shimla highway. more

  • Kufri ( 290 Km )

    Kufri is a hillside getaway situated at an altitude of 2633 m above the sea level and 19 km from more

  • Fagu ( 290 Km )

    Fagu is a hilamayan getaway around Shimla and one of the highest points in the area and therefore more

  • Sangla ( 310 Km )

    Sangla is a village, situated at an altitude of 8,792 ft in Baspa Valley of Kinnaur District. It more

  • Chail ( 320 Km )

    Chail was the summer capital of the flamboyant Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala and now Summer more

  • Patiala ( 342 Km )

    Patiala is known for its heritage buildings and monuments and visited for heritage hotel “Baradari more

  • Khajjiar ( 346 Km )

    Khajjiar (6500 ft asl) is an off beat destination at 22 kms from Dalhousie known for its Himalayan more

  • Nahan ( 358 Km )

    Nahan is a nature centric getaway and base town to visit Renuka Lake, a local pilgrim centre. more

  • Jammu ( 417 Km )

    Jammu is a point of access for visiting Vaishnodevi Temple, which is 13 km walk from Katra (50 km more

  • Karnal ( 419 Km )

    Karnal lies on NH-01 (GT Road or Delhi - Ambala highway) at 125 kms from New Delhi. Karnal is a more

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Getting There

Locality NameDescriptionSuitable ForHotels (Nos)
Club HouseA riverside area 1.5 kms farther from town centre near Club houseHoliday-
Kullu-Manali RoadAn area about 10 kms before Manali on Kullu - Manali Road offering a riverside experience to guests.Getaway3
LoghutsLoguts is 2 kms uphill from Mall area offering very good Himalayan views.Holiday6
Naggar RoadAn area accessible from Mall road that goes all the way upto Naggar offering himalayan views. Here number of mid-segment and premium segment hotels and resorts are located.Holiday/Getaway5
RangreeAn area about 4 kms from Manali on Kullu - Manali Road offering a riverside to guests. Kanyal Road that bifurcates from here is home to many mid-segment self catering cottages offering himalayan views.Holiday/Getaway6
Rohtang RoadAnother road from Mall area leads to Rohtang Pass (42 kms). On this road hotels offer best Himalayan views in Manali (being closest to the mountain range)Holiday/Getaway3
Solang15 kms from Mall area on the Rohtang is Solang Valley, an area known for being hub of adventure sports in Manali offering riverside and himalayan views.Holiday/Getaway/Experiential1
Town CentreTown centre is base point of Loghuts area and where a lot of value segment and mid-segment hotels are situated.Transit/Business/Holiday-
Old ManaliA bridge over Manalsu River in Manali and you enter the area of Old Manali, having a completely different character to rest of the Manali. Bars, Cafes, homestays all having completely offbeat and experiential character.Holiday/Experiential-
Nearest Airport in Manali
  • Bhuntar Airport Kullu ( KUU ) , Kullu-42 Kms
Nearest Railway Stations in Manali
  • Anandpur Sahib ( ANSB ), Anandpur Sahib-240 Kms
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