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Maharashtra | India
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Mahabaleshwar is categorised as Hill Station

Venna Lake
Horse Riding in Mahabaleshwar / Panchgani
Pratapgarh Fort (Photo Courtesy: Amungale)
Marjorie Point
Panchganga Temple
3 Monkey Point
Arthurs Seat
Strawberry Farm
Strawberries for Sale
Kates Point
View from Kates Point
Echo Point at Kates Point
Wilson Point

Reasons to Visit
  • Mahabaleshwar is the larqest hill-station (4000+ ft asl) of Maharashtra.
  • Mahabaleshwar is popular with getaway seekers especially from Mumbai and Pune.
  • Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani (20 kms) are twin destinations known for its heritage bungalows, getaway resorts, strawberry cultivation and number of view points and recreation activities
  • Mahabaleshwar is very- crowded during weekends and holiday periods such as Christmas, Diwali and Summer Holidays.
  • Popular Hill Stations of India"Mahabaleshwar (4000+ ft asl) is a hill station in Maharashtra in Western India renowned for its strawberries in Winter and is a popular hill station that offers view points, horse riding, boating, go karting and excursions"
  • Hill Stations in West and Central India"Mahabaleshwar (4500 ft asl) is a renowned Hill station alongwith Panchgani (20 kms). Mahabaleshwar is a popular ex-Pune (120 kms) / Mumbai (250 kms) Getaway. Mahabaleshwar is characterised by a lake, horse riding, hotels / bungalows and valley views with many view points. The region is renowned for its Strawberry plantations and its been a destination where traditional travellers have arrived for a long stay in Summer. Mahabaleshwar now is a well visited destination all through the year."
  • Destinations in Maharashtra to Consider for a Holiday Traveller"Mahabaleshwar (4500 ft asl) (180 kms from Lonavala and 120 kms from Pune) is a hill station offering activities, valley facing stay, strawberry farms, view points and adventure activities (Paragliding, watersports, horseriding, gokarting etc). Mahabaleshwar remains an all-season popular hill station for holiday travellers."
  • Getaway Destinations within 100-250 kms from Pune"Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar are twin destinations at 100-120 kms from Pune and visited for its salubrious climate all round the year, its bungalows / homestays, premium holiday resorts and a range of activities and sightseeing options for getaway seekers and holiday travellers."
  • Popular Honeymoon Destinations in Maharashtra"Mahabaleshwar (4500 ft asl) is the most popular honeymoon destination in Maharashtra because of its ease of access (Volvo buses operate regularly for Mahabaleshwar). Some Hotels here offer round beds, masala milk in their packages to attract honeymooners."
  • Top Monsoon Getaways in Maharashtra"Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar (3500-4500 ft asl) - 100 / 120 kms from Pune, popular twin destinations of Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar turn themselves into monsoon getaways. Mist, waterfalls and green carpet-like greenery attract day tourists from Pune for a drive and bungalows around here become favorite family traveller getaways."
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Getaway (1-3 nights)3
Short Break (4-6 nights)3

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List of Holidays for Mahabaleshwar


  • Mahabaleshwar Break with IMAGICA (3 Nights)
  • Mahabaleshwar Extended Getaway (3 Nights)
  • Mahabaleshwar Getaway (2 Nights)

Short Break

  • Kashid Chiplun Break with Mahabaleshwar (6 Nights)
  • Matheran - Mahabaleshwar Break (5 Nights)
  • Matheran - Mahabaleshwar Break with Della and IMAGICA (6 Nights)

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Day Sightseeing

ServicesRates Starting From
Day Sightseeing for Panchgani and backRs. 2778
Day Sightseeing in Mahabaleshwar and backRs. 2778
Day visit Mahabaleshwar to Tapola and backRs. 1556
Mahabaleshwar to Dhom Dam and Maha Ganpati Temple Wai Visit and backRs. 1778
Mahabaleshwar to Mandhardevi temple visit backRs. 2778
Mahabaleshwar to Pratapgadh visit backRs. 1445
Panchgani to Pratapgadh visit backRs. 2334

Point to Point Transport

ServicesRates Starting From
Pickup from Matheran and Drop to MahabaleshwarRs. 7000
Pickup from Pune and Drop to MahabaleshwarRs. 3889
Pickup/Drop between Central Mumbai and Mahabaleshwar-
Pickup/Drop between Mumbai Western Suburbs and MahabaleshwarRs. 8214
Pickup/Drop between Navi Mumbai and MahabaleshwarRs. 5667
Pickup/Drop between South Mumbai and MahabaleshwarRs. 9387
Pickup/Drop between Thane and MahabaleshwarRs. 9623
Transfer between Lonavala and MahabaleshwarRs. 5000

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Destination Ideas

  • Horse Riding in Mahabaleshwar
  • Mahabaleshwar / Panchgani in Monsoon
  • Mahabaleshwar/Panchgani Experience
  • Monsoon Getaways of Maharashtra
  • Strawberry Farm visit in Mahabaleshwar

Stay Ideas

  • Keys Evershine Resort – A hillside luxury resort

Festivals linked to Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra)

  • Mapro Strawberry Festival - Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani

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  • NameDescriptionCategorySub-CategoryDistance(Kms)
    Roman Catholic Church is a colonial era Church and a prominent monument near town centre in Mahabaleshwar.
    Roman Catholic Church
    Wilson Point is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar at 4500+ ft asl. Wilson point is the only location in Mahabaleshwar where both sunrise and sunset can be seen. It offers a excellent top view of Mahabaleshwar. Wilson Point is standard sightseeing
    View Point
    Valley Views
    Venna Lake is where like any typical hill station in India, has guest arriving for a bit of boating and horse riding.
    Lake or Riverside, Rides
    High Altitude Lake, Boating, Horse Riding
    Connaught peak is the 2nd highest peak around Mahabaleshwar and a view point offering excellent valley views.
    View Point
    Valley Views
    3 Monkey Point is named because of the natural sculpture of the stones looking like three monkeys sitting next to each other
    View Point
    Valley Views
    Lord Shiva temple in Old Mahabaleshwar (known as Kshetra Mahabaleshwar). Mahabaleshwar got name from this temple.
    Temple or Holy Place
    Lord Shiva
    Kates point is located to the east of Mahabaleshwar and is renowned for its view of two reservoirs from here. Kates point visit is part of standard sightseeing done by Toursts Cabs in Mahabaleshwar. Needle hole point is located near Kates Point. One can see a natural rock formation with a hole in between, thus giving the name Needle-hole
    View Point
    Valley Views, Lake Views
    Tiger Spring is a small natural spring which is believed to be the source of Savitri River.
    Natural Wonders
    A temple renowned for a 5 different river mixture of holy water (thats why referred to as "Paanchganga"). The river named Krishna, savitri, venna, gayatri and koyna flowing closely in Mhabaleshwar mountains.
    Temple or Holy Place
    River Confluence
    Marjorie Point is a view point near Elphinstone point at an altitude of 4000+ ft asl overlooking panaromic views of Sahyadri ranges
    View Point
    Valley Views
    The Elephants Head Point is a view point at 12 kms from Mahabaleshwar. The view point is set on a rock that has a shape of elephants head.
    View Point
    Valley Views
    Mapro garden is set on Mahabaleshwar - Panchgani road around Mapro Jam factory where one arrives for purchasing all kinds of local produce such as Strawberry Jams, crush etc. The snack counter outside that serves sandwiches and shakes is also very popular.
    Arthurs seat is a view point at about 4000 ft asl. Tourist cabs have this point in their tourist plans. Guests also visit Tiger Spring enroute. Guests also visit Dinosaur view point and Window point from Arthurs Seat (requires 200 ft walk).
    View Point
    Valley Views
  • NameDescriptionCategorySub-CategoryDistance(Kms)
    On Wheelz is an amusement park in Panchgani that offers all kinds of rides for kids and adults.
    Theme Parks
    Amusement Park
    Table Top Land is a mountain pleateau at Panchgani and where tourists converge in the evening for some rides and views. One of the unique aspect of this pleateau is that nothing ever seems to grow here.
    View Point, Rides
    Valley Views, Horse Riding
    Pratapgad fort (3000+ ft asl) is an King Shivaji era fort 15 kms off Mumbai - Goa highway
    Heritage Site
    Tapola Lake is a set at 27 kms from Mahabaleshwar and is popular with tourists for a visit. Here Canoing / Kayaking / Wind surfing is conducted by Nature trails camp set here.
    Lake or Riverside
    High Altitude Lake
  • NameDescriptionCategorySub-CategoryDistance(Kms)
    Horse riding is a popular activity in Mahabaleshwar. Horses are available for hire near Lake or outside many prominent hotels. Guests prefer to ride alongside walking trails around Mahabaleshwar.
    Horse Riding
    Strawberry farms are situated all around Mahabaleshwar, most prominently on Mahabaleshwar - Panchgani Road. Its possible to visit them or just enjoy Strawberry crush / shake served by the stalls around them. Strawberry season is Jan - March. Besides Strawberries other fruits cultivated include Mulberry, Blue berry and raspberries.
    Farm Visit

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Getting There

Locality NameDescriptionSuitable ForHotels (Nos)
Tapole lake RoadIdyllic Lake front, 28 kms from Mahabaleshwar, Off Poladpur - Mahabaleshwar Ghat road. Road leading from Mahabaleshwar to Tapola has some bungalows.Getaway-
Kshetra MahabaleshwarKshetra Mahabaleshwar is situated about 8 kms from town centre near the Mahabaleshwara Shiva Temple. The area has excellent valley views.Getaway1
MTDCAn area 1-2 kms short of Mahabaleshwar town while approaching from NH-17. MTDC resort is situated here alongwith a few mid-segment getaway resorts.Getaway2
Panchgani RoadThis is the road that connects Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani (both are 20 kms apart). On and off this road there are number of getaway resorts, bungalows and heritage hotels are situated offering views.Getaway6
Satara RoadSatara road originates from town centre and within 3-4 kms, off the Satara road there are number of getaway resorts offering valley views and having a spreadout character.Getaway4
Town CentreMahabaleshwar town centre is where bus depot is situated. This is Mahabaleshwar equivalent of a Mall Road with number of shops lined up together. There are number of mid-segment hotels and getaway resorts situated at a walk away from the town centre. A Place to hangout in the evenings.Holiday/Getaway4
Poladpur RoadRoad that connects Poladpur (NH-17) and Mahabaleshwar. The area is verdant and not too many hotels or farm houses are located on this side of Mahabaleshwar. Tapole lake is accessible from here.Getaway-
Duchess Road6 kms from Town centre beyond Verna lake having green surroundings and a cut off feelGetaway-
Nearest Airport in Mahabaleshwar
  • Lohegaon Airport ( PNQ ) , Pune-120 Kms
Nearest Railway Stations in Mahabaleshwar
  • Satara ( STR ), Satara-54 Kms
Recommended travel connections to Mahabaleshwar from Major Cities.

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