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Indian Bison (Gaur)
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Satpura is relatively newer park accessible from Pipariya station (50 kms) or Bhopal (140 kms). Satpura is surrounded by the reserve formed by the Tawa Dam makes it one of the most spectacular sanctuary for game drives in Central India.

The park supports some of the highest densities of giant gaur (rare White Gaur is also found here) in central India, sambar, wild boar, nilgai, chausingha, chital etc. Satpura is one of the best places in India to see sloth bear, leopards and also Dhole or Asiatic wild dog. With high prey densities, tiger densities are also high. Tiger sightings are good. Satpura has more than 150 species of birds recorded.

With its mix of mountains, rivers and the vast lake it is the most beautiful park in central India and the only tiger reserve that allows walking safaris in small groups accompanied by well-trained local guides.

The Sheer diversity of animals, the presence of several bird species, numerous species of endemic butterflies and the luxury of exploring this 1,500 square km expanse makes for an excellent wildlife experience.

Safaris - Jeep Safaris are arranged by the jungle lodges (Morning and Afternoon safaris - 3-4 hours each) situated in Madhai side in designated core and buffer areas (both have tiger population). Boat Safaris, Canoe safaris and night safaris are also organised here. Boat safaris are popular for a bird watcher. Satpura is one of the two parks in India that offers walking safaris in Core area (Other being Nameri in Assam).

For Wildlife travellers / Bird watchers, Madhai gate is best suited as there is one core (Madhai) and two Buffer areas where wildlife can be sighted. Holiday travellers staying at Pachmarhi look to use Panaarpani gate for safaris, instead of travelling all the way to Madhai (100 kms).

For well heeled travellers Churna Gate (FRH Stay) is another option which can be combined with a Madhai lodge stay. There is also a trekking option available for groups looking to trek from Madhai side to Pachmarhi (and back) through Satpura National Park (Prior permission and camping arrangements can be organised). 

Seasonality - Oct-March is considered good for Wildlife and Bird watching. April - May is good for photographers and Wildlifers. Temperatures can go upto 45 degrees celcius in May. Park is Open Oct 16th - Mid-June.

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