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Pench is a sanctuary bordering Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, accessible from Nagpur (90 kms). This is southern topical dry deciduous forest and is a home to a variety of trees and wild animals.
Pench is most accessible Tiger Sanctuary in terms of Airport connectivity and part of the Tiger circuit comprising Kanha and Bandhavgarh.
In addition to Tigers, Pench is home to Leopards, Wild Dogs, Jackal, Spotted Deer, Wild Boars, Sambas, Blue Bulls and Indian Bisons. There are over 285 species of resident and migratory birds.
For Core area safaris Turia Gate is most preferred as most lodges are situated around it. Other ranges within Madhya Pradesh comprise Jamtara and Karmajhari where accommodation is limited (Only premium and experiential lodges). Khursapar (Maharashtra) is also easily accessible from Touria side and therefore a good alternative to Touria. 
In addition to core area safaris, Pench also offers buffer area safaris In Telia Zone, Khawasa Checkpost (Wolf Sanctuary) and Rukhad, which may be availed for sake of variety or if permits for core area are not available. 
Seasonality - Oct-March is considered good for Wildlife and Bird watching. April - May is good for photographers and Wildlifers. Temperatures can go upto 45 degrees celcius in May. Park is open Oct - June.

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