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Kanha represents one of the best park experiences in India. Kanha is accessed from Bandhavgarh (260 kms) / Jabalpur (165 kms) /. Raipur (250 kms) / Nagpur (250 kms).

Tigers and Barasinghas are why most guests arrive at Kanha. Tigers are frequently sighted in all 4 ranges of Kanha. Besides these Kanha three other species of deer (sambar, chital, and barking deer), as well as the antelope (nilgai, blackbuck, chowsingha) and the Gaur (Indian Bison) are found in large numbers alongwith langurs and wild boar. Kanha is home to more than 200 species of Birds, migratory as well as resident. Leopards, Sloth Bears and Dhole (Wild Dogs) are spotted infrequently as well.

Kanha area comprises 4 Zones - Kanha, Kisli, Sarhi and Mukki. Kanha and Mukki Zone offer the best park experience for Wildlifers. Evergreen Sal Forest, Grassland, Lakes and streams offer a diverse panorama and photography experience. Kisli area is thickly wooded and has man water bodies near the safari tracks and therefore offer excellent Tiger sighting in Summer. Sarhi has deciduous forest and therefore least preferred of all the ranges even though it has Tigers and are sighted often during safaris.

Nivalink Experience - We were able to sight (March 2014) Tigers (2 sightings), Leopard, Sloth Bear, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Barasingha, Gaur (Multiple Sightings), Spotted Deer (Abundant), Wild Boar (Multiple Sightings), Barking deer during a 3 day trip involving 5 Safaris covering all zones.  

Safaris - Jeep Safaris are arranged by the jungle lodges (Morning and Afternoon safaris - 4-5 hours each).

Seasonality - Oct-March is considered good for Wildlife and Bird watching. April - May is good for photographers and Wildlifers. Temperatures can go upto 40 degrees celcius in May. Park is open 16th Oct - June.

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