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Rafting in Dandeli

Dandeli at the northern tip of Karnataka and just off Goa is one of the best centres for watersports especially White Water Rafting. Due to periodic release of water from the hydroelectric project, rafting is assured right till end-may however it has to be coincided with the water release. The area is situated approximately 1,800 feet above sea level and is surrounded by thick tropical rain forests. It is blessed with an excellent climate round the year and gets rainfall almost all through the year.
The Kali River (Which flows through the area) offers a great opportunity to paddle through numerous, exciting technical class 3 rapids. The beautiful surroundings are home to a wide range of wildlife, including a flourishing bird life, in particular several species of very rare Hornbills. Monkeys, elephants, wild boars, sambar deer, crocodiles, giant squirrels and even sightings of leopards and a black panther have been recorded from the boats.
The most popular tour is "The Kali" and is (9 km) long, offering nearly two hours on the water and is good for entry level rafting enthusiasts. There is also a longer 14 kms run for experienced rafting enthusiasts.
Typically rafting happens early morning and so an overnight stay is a must. Dandeli is a great nature centric getaway ex-Goa (110 kms) and offers a great contract to beach resorts in Goa and guests enjoy the sheer variety. 

Recommended stay Duration– 2-3 nights

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