Walking in Corbett Area

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Ramgamga River

Corbett is a renowned national park at about 250-280 kms from Delhi and one that offers one of the best getaway / Wildlife / Bird watching / Fishing experiences in India.

Corbett tiger reserve has large tracts of adjoining forest area that extend to the higher reaches of the outer Himalayas with altitudes varying from 400m to 2100m. Grasslands and tropical forests dominated by Sal trees finally give way to Oak and Rhododendron in higher grounds, with breathtaking views of snow-capped Himalayan peaks. A hike / walk in these forests, with the help of an expert tracker is perhaps the best way to 'feel the forest'.

Multi-day walking trips can be organised here with overnight stays in the Forest rest houses (FRH) that are spread all round the park.

Recommended Stay Duration: 3-4 nights Seasonality-Oct-Nov, Feb-March

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