Understanding Seychelles - Part 4 - Seychelles as a Romantic Getaway

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Anse Source D’Argent (Photo Courtesy: Brocken Inaglory)
Beau Vallon Beach (Photo Courtesy: Welcomematt22)
Anse Intendance Beach (Photo Courtesy: Waltermera182)
Cousine Island
Aride Island
Anse Lazio

Seychelles is best visited for being a Romantic getaways for honeymooners. Following is how one can spend a romantic day out like so many others would have in past.

# Hosting Beachside fabulous sunrise over an orange juice or even a champagne.

# Make your way to Victoria, allowing your senses to come alive to the sights and sounds of the Seychellois way of life as you stroll the narrow streets. Stop for a delicious cappuccino at the Rendez-vous restaurant, just next to the clock tower, from where you can watch the world go ever so slowly by. Perhaps even buy a souvenir or two or an item of local jewelry from a nearby boutique.

# From Victoria, take to the hills on the Sans Souci road, feeling the temperature cool as you wend your way into the mountains on a road that offers so many amazing views.

# Visit Tea plantations for the best views of Mahe.

# When you arrive at the coast road, turn left past the Mahé Beach Hotel until you arrive at the beautiful beach of Grand Anse where you will probably find yourselves alone as you stroll along its golden sands

# Julien's at Anse Soleil, enjoying a long swim in the ocean as it laps against one of the island's most stunning beaches. Take your time, and soak up the ambiance before making your way to table in the early evening to savour the best in seafood cuisine with your feet in the sand.

# Spend evening at the Casino at the nearby Plantation Club.

# A Shot of Coco D'amour, the delicious local liquor, before bed.

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