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The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque (Photo Courtesy: Richard Bartz)
The Royal Opera House (Photo Courtesy: Pravinpisolkar)
Sharqiyah Sands (Photo Courtesy: Andries Oudshoorn)
Nakhal Fort (Photo Courtesy: Andries Oudshoorn)
Jebel Akhdar (Photo Courtesy: Philipp Weigell)
Jabrin Fort
Sur Dhow Yards (Photo Courtesy: StellarD)
Burdah Rock Bridge

Oman is a popular getaway in southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula that is home to well-preserved heritage, rich Arabic culture and renowned destination resorts.

A majority of Oman’s population is clustered in and around Muscat, its capital, and around its coastline. A historic city, Muscat today is a bustling modern metropolis, representing Oman’s global vision and ambitions. In contrast to Muscat, a visit to Oman’s countryside and its glistening desert and stunning valleys takes you straight into the world of ‘Arabian Nights’.

For the adventurous, Oman’s abundant natural beauty, diverse landscape, golden desert, and pristine coastline offer exciting opportunities for enjoying 4x4 desert safaris, mountain trekking, scuba diving, dhow sailing and a lot more.

Oman is a popular getaway for evolved travellers looking for an alternative to Dubai / UAE.

Climate - Winter (October to March) is an ideal season to explore Oman. Winters are relatively milder with day temperature between 25-30 degree Celcius.

Airport - Muscat International Airport

Currency - Omani Rial

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  • The Nizwa Fort

    Heritage Site
    The Nizwa Fort was built by Sultan bin Saif al-Yaruba in 1668. The fort served as the more


  • The Nizwa Souq is the most important souk in Oman after the Mutrah souk. Since historic times more


    Nizwa ( 12 Kms )
  • Falaj Daris

    Heritage Site
    Falaj Daris is the largest falaj in Oman, a traditional water distribution system dating back 2000 more


    Nizwa ( 2 Kms )
  • Bahla

    Heritage Site
    Bahla is an ancient fortified oasis town located at 40 km from Nizwa. Bahla is famous for its more


    Nizwa ( 40 Kms )
  • Jabrin Fort

    Heritage Site
    Jabrin Fort is a 17th century fort located to the west of Bahla. Built in 1675 by Imam Bil-arab more


    Nizwa ( 70 Kms )
  • Jebel Akhdar

    View Point
    Jebel Akhdar is a part of the Al Hajar Mountain Range and is regarded as one of Oman's most more


    Nizwa ( 48 Kms )
  • Jebel Shams

    View Point
    Jebel Shams is the highest mountain in Oman, part of the Al Hajar Mountain range. The mountain is more


    Nizwa ( 89 Kms )
  • Sur has traditionally been the shipbuilding capital of Oman. A walk around the dhow yards will more


    Sur ( 6 Kms )
  • The Sunaysilah Castle is perched on a hill with a simple square plan. The 300-year-old castle has more


    Sur ( 5 Kms )
  • Ras al Jinz

    Lake or Riverside
    Ras al Jinz is the easternmost point of the Arabian Peninsula and home to the Ras al Jinz turtle more


    Sur ( 40 Kms )
  • Wadi Tiwi

    Wadi Tiwi is stunning steep and narrow gorge running between majestic cliffs, with natural pools more


    Sur ( 70 Kms )
  • Wadi Shab

    Lying along Oman's stunning coast, Wadi Shab is one of the country's most beautiful wadis. more


    Sur ( 69 Kms )
  • Qalhat

    Heritage Site
    Until the 16th century, Qalhat was one of Oman's most important and renowned harbour city. more


    Sur ( 16 Kms )
  • Built by Sultan Qaboos to mark the 30th year of his reign, the Grand Mosque is one of the largest more


    Muscat ( 22 Kms )
  • Bait al Zubair is one of the most interesting museum in Oman. The museum is privately owned and more


    Muscat ( 7 Kms )
  • The Royal Opera House is the hub of Oman's musical, arts, and cultural events. The Royal Opera more


    Muscat ( 10 Kms )
  • Muttrah Souk

    Muttrah Souk is one of the most famous Arabic markets in the world. The market is characterised by more


    Muscat ( 3 Kms )
  • Nakhal Fort

    Natural Wonders
    Nakhal Fort is beautiful fort dramatically perched atop a natural rock in a small town called more


    Muscat ( 120 Kms )
  • Wadi Bani Awf

    View Point
    Wadi Bani Awf is a gorgeous valley in the Al Hajar Mountain range. The drive to Wadi Bani Awf is more


    Muscat ( 261 Kms )
  • Wadi Bani Khalid

    Natural Wonders
    Wadi Bani Khalid is the best-known wadi of the Sharqiyah region and reputedly one of the best in more


    Muscat ( 255 Kms )
  • Sharqiya Sands (formerly known as Wahiba Sands) is a large desert area located at 4 hours from more


    Muscat ( 241 Kms )