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Sainj Valley

Gushaini in Tirthan Valleny is a major attraction for Trout Fishing enthusiasts. This is one of the last stretches of Rivers in Himachal that haven't been affected in any manner by Hydel projects. Wild Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout are found here and the license will give access to about 45 kms of river where there are innumerable areas where one can set base for angling.

Himachal Government has specifically declared Tirthan river as an angling reserve and taken a decision not to allow any hydro power project on this river as well as it’s tributaries in order to maintain it’s aquatic biodiversity. Every year fingerlings of brown as well as rainbow trout are stocked in this river by the department. Almost each & every angler went satisfied in the past after fishing in a stretch of 20 kms upstream Largi (7 kms off Aut from Mandi - Manali Highway).

Typical stay - 2-3 nights to a week. Season - April - October (Except July, August)


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