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Nairobi National Park - Photo Courtesy Mangnus Manske
Elephants at Amboseli overlooking Mt Killimanjaro Photo Courtesy Amoghavarsha
Lioness at Samburu - Photo Courtesy JULIAN MASON
Mt Kenya Safari Club
Mt Kenya Safari Club
Diving in Mombasa
Mombasa Beach - Photo Courtesy FredD
Bird watching at Abardare National Park
Viewing Deck at one of the tree hotels at Abardare National Park

Kenya is an East African nation renowned for its National Parks, Wildlife Experiences and beach getaways.

Masaai Mara is renowned all over the world as one of the best wildlife parks to arrive for the Big Five i.e. Lion, Elephant, Cheetah, Rhino and Bison.

The Aberdares is where one can experience a bit of Trout Fishing, Bird watching, walking etc.

Lake Nakuru is where one arrives for Flamingoes, White Rhinos and Leopards.

Tsavo is a bird watching Paradise. Amboseli is where one can get views of the Mt. Killimanjaro and Elephants with big tusks.

Samburu in a corner of Kenya is where one arrives for the Reticulated Giraffe.

Mount Kenya Safari Club Resort is one to arrive for exclusive hospitality and heritage retreat experience.

Mombasa is a typical beach getaway where one arrives for beach resorts, watersports and range of activities, fun and entertainment.

Kenya besides Wildlife, beaches and birds has Lakes, desert and many lesser known private game reserve experiences that are most unique and exclusive

Kenya is not a place to arrive for sightseeing, monument hopping and budget travel. Kenya is one to arrive for exclusive Jungle Lodges, retreats, Beach resorts and most wildlife experiences.

Access: Nairobi is most popular access point for any International Travellers to arrive.

Recommended Stay: Typically guests arrive for 5 – 7 night trips to Kenya.

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