Travel to Mauritius – Part 6 – Sightseeing

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Race Course
Pamplemousses Botanical Garden
Inside Casela Bird Park
Inside Casela Bird Park
Casela Bird Park
Chamarel Seven Colored Earth
Chamarel Seven Colored Earth
Black River Gorges National Park
Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve
Butterlfy Museum at Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve
Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve
Walk to Rochester Falls
Rochester Falls
Ganga Talao
Inside Glass Factory Mauritius
Ship Building Factory

For a typical tourist no country is done without visiting some view points, museums, monuments and parks. for long Mauritius had none of this and was a pure getaway destination where guests enjoyed the activities and a relaxed stay. Need to attract family tourists lead to development of some of the interesting sightseeing spots.

Pampelmousses Botanical Garden - Located between Grand Bay and Port Louis, its amazing how a tropical garden like this survived these many centuries. One can spend anything from 1 hour to three hours over a leisurely walk here.

Ile Aux Cerf - A picnic getaway in the east. Its a good idea to just getaway, do swimming in crystal clear waters, indulge in some water sports, sip a few drinks and enjoy the day. The 10 minute speedboat ride to the island is thrilling.

Casela Bird Park - A full day must here if you have kids around. Bird park, Zoo (Kangaroo, Tigers etc.), Butterfly museum all are good. If you are the action types then the clincher is the ATV ride and if you like to do the impossible then book yourself a walk with the lions. One and a half hour walk with tamed lions. Simply unforgettable.

Chamarel - 7 colored earth at the same location. Amazing to watch but its a little too much trouble if you don't really care or are visiting it at the fag end of a tiring day.

Rochester Falls - A Good 15 minute drive through sugarcane fields, and a another good 15 minute walk and there they go.

Ile aux Aigrettes - A few of the world's rarest birds, including the kestrel, can be seen there. Kids can sit on a tortoise and click photos. This is very popular with kids.

Ganga Talao - Grand Bassin - Ganga Talao is an important pilgrimage site and many Mauritians of the Hindu faith. The Shiva temple there claims to be a Jyotirlinga, only one outside Indian Sub-continent.

Port Louis and La Caudan - Port Louis is the only city to talk about in Mauritius. There are shops, markets, restaurants and basically is a hub for local commerce.

Sightseeing is typically recommended for those who like to do a bit of moving around. For others a private barbecue by the beach, local Creole cuisine exploration is a great alternative!!

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    Rochester Falls is a waterfall in South Mauritius. Set around picturesque sugarcane plantations, more


    Bel Ombre ( 11 Kms ), Mahebourg ( 31 Kms ), Le Morne Peninsula ( 31 Kms ), Port Louis ( 51 Kms ), Flic en Flac ( 54 Kms ), Belle Mare Plage ( 63 Kms ), Grand Baie ( 70 Kms )
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    Temple or Holy Place
    Ganga Talao is pilgrimage for Hindus in Mauritius and visited by tourists from India. There is a more


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  • Ship Building Factory are popular visits for guests to arrive and buy ships as souvenirs. The more


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  • Watersports and activities around water are conducted on almost every beach in Mauritius. more


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