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Resort at Grand Baie
Indian Restaurant in Grand Baie

Meals in Mauritius is to be looked with a perspective of where one is staying. While Grand Bay, Port Louis and Flic-en-Flac is full of fine dine restaurants, pubs, bars and fast food restaurants, area in the East, the South West and the South is relatively secluded and its hard to find a restaurant beyond small roadside eateries or mobile vans with snack options.

Local cuisine in Mauritius is known as the "Creole" cuisine. Being an Island Seafood is most popular and available everywhere. "Creole" cuisine is basically any preparation with "Creole" preparation which is little spicy and tastier as compared to relatively bland preparations otherwise. So every restaurant is more likely to have a few Creole preparations besides the regular offering. Chinese, Indian, Fast food, Italian restaurants are everywhere. McDonalds, KFC and such fast food chains have outlets in Port Louis and other towns in Mauritius (such as Beau Basin).

Guests going on a meal inclusive "Package" stay typically have breakfast and dinner included at the hotel which is typically a well spread buffet. Guests going on a meal inclusive "Package" stay typically snack out for lunch while on one of the sightseeing tours. Surprisingly in Mauritius, public beaches, sightseeing spots etc. hardly have any good restaurants around except an odd cafeteria. Casela Bird Park and Ile Aux Cerf, each have a good restaurant but its on an expensive side. La Caudan waterfront is the only place where there are plethora of options to eat by the waterfront.

Nightlife as one imagines in Dubai, Bangkok, Pattaya and other Asian Destinations, does not exist in Mauritius. The country sleeps by 9:30 and there are few Casinos, bars, pubs etc. at Grand Bay but these are poor cousins of the crowded ones you tend to imagine. What about Striptease, Dance Bars, Dance Clubs ? Forget it !

Meals overall are expensive and so is liquor. So one can spend anything from MRe. 300 per person to MRe 1000 per person depending on the restaurant you visit. No restaurant will ever give a service that can be considered "Fast". Expect a couple of hours for a leisurely dining experience. Nothing is kept pre-mixed and therefore everything is prepared fresh as per order.

Street food scenario in Mauritius is surprisingly vibrant and food is really tasty with spicy Creole Sauces. We tried a long hard bread Sandwich and one was as good as a meal, and very tasty off course !! 

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