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Ile Aux Cerfs
Typical Airport Pick up / Sightseeing Van
Typical Self Drive Car hire in Mauritius

The whole of the Island of Mauritius is 65 kms X 45 kms as the crow flies and therefore anywhere from anywhere would never be more than two hours. There are two ways in which you can look at the getting around part of the stay. Either book a package with sightseeing or just book a stay and explore.

Like tourists who book a "Package" inclusive of Airport Transfers and couple of days of Sightseeing and a day visit to Ile Aux Cerf island. These category of guests don't really have the need to worry about getting around at all. For a 4-day "Package" most guests are left too busy sightseeing to worry about anything else. A 6-day "package" though leaves a little bit of a breather and one would want to relax and enjoy the beach front stay more than going around the Island again.

Tourists who just book a stay, bicycle hire, bike hire is very common here like all beach destinations especially if you are in the Grand Bay or Flic-en-Flac area. If one likes driving around, one must consider self-drive car hire. Small Cars are available readily and gives one feel of adventure driving around in a foreign land. With kind of sign boards and size of the island, you will never get lost for more than 15 minutes on the island.

The local public transport service (Buses) are very good for North, Port Louis and West Area and therefore if one wants to venture around for an impromptu luncheon then one can just hope onto one. These buses come off air around 8:30 PM and thereafter local cabs are the only option which are not always readily available everywhere.

Other thing to note in Mauritius is that everything (Banks, Shops etc.) start at 8:30 AM and shut shop latest by 5 PM (Most offices close by 4:30 PM). Only Supermarkets and Restaurants open for longer hours. Banks, Currency exchange extensions are not found everywhere and therefore currency exchange activity has to be scheduled first thing before you start off in any direction.

62% of the population is Immigrant Indian Population, most coming from North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Hindi is widely understood. Bollywood (Hindi Films) songs are commonplace everywhere. French is most widely spoken language here on account of the French colonial past of Mauritius. English is also widely spoken and understood. So if you are English, French or Indian, you will never feel away from home in Mauritius.

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