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Sailing at Grand Baie
Watersports at Belle Mare
Glass bottom boat ride
Banana Boat Ride
Ile Aux Cerfs
Inside Casela Bird Park
Undersea Walk in Belle Mare
Parasailing in Belle Mare

Mauritius is a place where you'd be as much as home doing nothing or alternatively busy all through engaging in activities. Being an Island water sports is a natural choice. Most hotels provide some sort of water sports complimentary (Typically Banana boat ride, snorkeling, Glass Bottom). This is to warm you into other paid activities such as Under Sea Walk, Paragliding. All beaches have some activities company linked to a hotel travel desk that conducts these activities.

Quality of sea water is clean and pure and therefore Glass Bottom and Snorkeling is really good fun. Zebra Fish was the most found around Grand Bay area. However Ile Aux Cerf (East) and Le Morne Peninsula (South West) are known to have a larger and more spectacular variety of marine life on display. Under Sea walk is another activity that is seen to be believed. Without wetting my hair, I could go 10 feet below water and literally feel the hundreds of fish around me. Quite an amazing experience (No Swimming skills required). Snorkeling requires an ability to adjust with the mask and breathe. Once you get accustomed to that then the amazing under sea marine world awaits you.

As for Scuba Diving, there are companies that handle Scuba diving which is done all over at Mauritius and is recommended for serious Scuba divers. High quality Paragliding is offered all over Mauritius.

A submarine ride is also something guests love. Blue Sub-marine is now a very popular service and gets one up close with the rich underwater marine life.

Windsurfing is popular in Grand Bay Area. The Black River Gorges National Park has a lot of trekking routes around it.

Gambling on Horse racing is a popular pastime for the locals. However those who wish to ride horses themselves then around the Black River Gorge in the South West, Le Ranch conducts Trail Riding, Show Jumping, Horse-ball, Dressage etc.

Casela Bird Park has some interesting activities such as ATV rides and a programme called "Walk with the Lions" where you actually have one and a half hour walk with a tamed lion.

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