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Ancient Mosque
Govt Office / Parliament
Tropical Fruit in Male Market
Male Market
Male boat Jetty
Streets of Male
Govt. Residence
Bylanes of Male
Male from a Distance
Friday Mosque at Male

Male is capital of Maldives and the arrival point for all the travelers. Male is the only area in Maldives with any kind of city like character. A visit to Male is done by guests having checked out of their hotels and waiting to catch a flight.

Male visit after an exotic stay at one of the exclusive Island resorts can be one that brings one down to earth. Male as an Island can be walked around in half an hour. There are Govt offices, Parliament building, marina, mosques, streets / bylanes, markets and usual hustle bustle of a busy but otherwise laidback island.

Male visit is where one can find good quality souvenirs, some exotic tropical fruits at the market and just get to be in touch with local people and their lifestyle.

Male visit while not one that is memorable but is a sure way to understand Maldives better and is recommended for those interested in a bit of cultural exploration.

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