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Tangalooma Wrecks
Tangalooma Resort (Photo Courtesy: S. Newrick)
Feeding Wild Dolphins at Tangalooma Resort (Photo Courtesy: S. Newrick)

Originally a whaling station, Tangalooma is a resort on the west side of Moreton Island in Queensland, accessible via a short catamaran ride from Brisbane.

It is renowned for its dolphin-feeding program, sand dunes and wreck diving.

Swimming is popular along the white beaches.

The resort is well known for the hand-feeding of wild dolphins. Every evening at sunset a pod of up to 11, local bottlenose dolphins swims to the beach in front of the resort where selected guests can feed them, an activity supervised by the Tangalooma Marine Education and Conservation Centre (TMECC).
Apart from the dolphin feeding program, there are many tours and other activities on offer, including whale watching cruises.

Tangalooma is a popular addition to Australian itinerary for travellers who enjoy a getaway resort like experience alongwith unique activities such as Dolphin feeding

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