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Surat - The Snack Capital of Gujarat

Surat is one of the fastest growing cities of India and a large commercial centre in Gujarat in Western India.

Surat is renowned for its street food, unique snack items and the wide range of offering (for both vegetarian and non vegetarian) makes it arguably the cuisine capital of Gujarat and perhaps that of entire Western India.

Some of the most sought after Surat original dishes include Locho, Khaman, Aloo Puri, Tomato Bhajiya, Khawasa, Khichiya, Kathiawari Bhajiya, Patti Samosa etc. and the list is endless. Even within Individual item there are number of variants. So for a Locho there could be at least 20 variants. These snacks are generally served hot and available widely by the roadside. For dining options there are Eggeterian Cafes,  Dosa Counters, Chhole counters, Pizzeria and many many more options including a roadside Dhaba and ethnic cuisine diner.

The King of dry snacks is arguably is Indore and only city that can compete well would be Surat. Surat has its own list of dry snack varieties that are often served with Tea. Surti "Paunk" is another option that has created an industry out of fresh Jowar (Sorgum) during Winter.

Most guests having some idea of Gujarati cuisine actually assume that all Gujarat cuisine is sweet and have no idea that the Thali (set meal) they eat belongs to a cuisine variety of North Gujarat / South Rajasthan. As against that Surti Cuisine is a greener and spicier with a lot of use of Curd, Coconut, Spices and Green leafy vegetables. The Surti "Undhiyoo" a most sought after dish that is considered an ultimate option for any feast.  

Areas that are renowned for the street food and snack shops include Gopipara, Rander, Chowpatty, University, Dumas Road, Varachha Road, Ring Road (near Textile Market) and list is endless.

Surat is surely a foodies delight and the fact that not many tour operators actually operate any kind of tours here makes it even more original and must visit for any experiential travellers looking for something original and authentic. 

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