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Boat Safari
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Boat Safari

Sunderbans National Park is the largest estuarine mangrove forest in the world. Sunderbans delta is not accessible by road and is best accessed via a boatride from Gothkhali Jetty (80 kms from Kolkata). 

Accommodation in Sunderbans is simple and therefore offering an offbeat  nature centric getaway experience. While Sunderbans gets the most publicity for its man-eater tigers, it’s actually a mangrove swamp, best visited for migratory birds.

Guests undertake boat safaris during the day to explore Sundarbans, its different islands, interpretation centres and with a hope to sight tiger somewhere enroute. In early mornings and evenings guests visit local villages, enjoy some local dance performance for a thorough experience.

Except Summer when it can be really hot and humid during the day, Sundarban can be considered as an all-season getaway for offbeat travellers looking to be totally away from tourists and enjoy nature in its most authentic form.

Typical Stay Duration: 2 nights 

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