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Homestays in Spiti is about experiencing community life in this remote and hauntingly beautiful land. Although guests eat and sleep in the homestay booked by them, one gets to participate in all of the activities of the commune. Staying in these homestays opens the doors to an ancient cultural life that has remained unchanged for over a thousand years.

The homestays in Spiti are located at altitudes ranging from 3,800m to 4,500 m. The drive from Kaza takes an average of a little over an hour to reach the homestay villages. The largest of these villages is Langza, dramatically located at the foothill of the majestic and mysterious Chau Chau Khang Nilda peak (6380 m). The homes are surrounded by green fields of peas & barley, softening the hard and rugged mountains cape and welcoming guests to come and enjoy the crisp mountain air and azure blue skies.

The houses in Spiti are unique in their design and are built to protect its inhabitants from the long harsh winters. Your hostess welcomes you with a warm smile into her two-story mud and brick house, through a brightly painted wooden door of Buddhist gods and offers refreshing tea of organically grown sea buckthorn berries.

The kitchen is positioned in the center of the house and is used not only for cooking and dining but also as a space for socialising. The meticulous manner, in which the kitchen is maintained, emphasizes its importance in the house. The guest bedroom, with low thickly cushioned beds, is adorned by brightly colored carpets depicting scenes from local folklore, which your host is most happy to recount.

Spiti Rural homestay is for those who are willing to sacrifice privacy and modern comforts and are looking to participate and experience customs, traditions and daily chores.

Optional Activities - Trekking, Yak Safari, Cooking Lesson, Herding, Farming, Visit to Fossil Center, Traditional cultural activities, Mountain Cycling (Cycle hire can be organised), visiting the local temples and monasteries.

Typical stay: 1 or 2 nights  Seasonality: Between June - Sept

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