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Ankor Wat Temple Complex - Photo Courtesy Prathit Bhobe

Siem Reap in Cambodia is renowned for being home to Angkor Wat Temple Complex, one of the most renowned UNESCO heritage sites in the workd.

The entire complex will require a full day attention to be able to appreciate all aspects of it. Sien reap otherwise is a kind of place that an off-beat and heritage traveler would appreciate. Different sights to visit here include

Phnom Krom Hilltop Temple is century old ruins of Phnom Krom with seven crumbling towers among the ruins in two lines. One can have the bravura view of the Great Lake Tonle Sap surrounded by the city Siem Reap.

Angkor Borie is an archaeological site with old artifacts from the ruins.

Angkor Wat is considered to be one of the splendors of the world. It is constructed to be a temple as well as a mausoleum. Angkor Wat the most suggestive place for the tourist to visit is left for them to describe as how it is actually with its entire surreal atmosphere.

Baksei Chamkrong is a tall brick and laterite pyramid consecrated the temple with the installation of golden Shiva image and also serves as funerary temple

Banteay Kdei is a system of galleries and vestibules that were added after the construction of main towers. Built with sandstone which got eroded and now stands as a beautiful lintels and pediments.

Crocodile Farm houses more then 300 crocodiles of various sizes and dispositions.

East Mebon is a temple situated in a small island in the middle of the Oriental accessible only by boat.

River & Park Area is one of the pleasant are for strolling in the evening. The stretched and soothing landscape gives ample amount of relaxation to mind and body who are striving for it.

Siem Reap is often a getaway for travelers arriving at Thailand and looking beyond beaches and hillside getaways of Thailand.

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