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Shivanasamudra Falls

Shivanasamudram is located 120 kms from Bangalore and 60 kms. from Mysore. Shivanasamudram / Shivasamudram / Sivasamudram is a small hamlet town surrounded by forested hills and lush green valleys. It is here that the river cauvery divides into two and pluments into a 75 meter deep, rocky gorge to form the picturesque Bharrachukki and the Gaganchukki waterfalls.

# Trekking - There are two prominent routes that one can take one to the gaaganchukki which is about 7kms one way is popular and takes about 1.5 to 2 hrs.
# Bird Watching – A variety of migratory birds are situated in and around Shivanasamudram.
# Fun Fish - One can go fishng in the water bodies around.
# Wild life - The surrounding shrub jungle abound with deer, rabbits, wild boar, peacock, partridge, quail etc. Elephants are normally sited between June to December.

Shivanasamudram is a popular nature centric getaway that is well accessed from Bangalore and Mysore.

Typical Stay Duration: 1 or 2 nights  Seasonality: June - March

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  • Shivanasamudra Falls

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    27 kms upstream from the Srirangapatnam is the spectacular Shivanasamudram falls. Its one of the more


    Shivanasamudram ( 1 Kms ), Srirangapatna ( 27 Kms ), Mysore ( 42 Kms )

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