Shivanasamudra Pilgrimage

Hindu Pilgrimage | Lord Vishnu

Shivanasamudra Temple - Photo Courtesy Wkacnt

Shivanasamudra is situated 100 kms from Bangalore and 85 kms from Mysore. Shivanasamudra is known for its cascading perennial waterfalls (best visited in July-Sept).

Shivanasamudra is also home to temple dedicated to Lord Ranganatha and is one of the three temples significant to Lord Ranganatha.

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    27 kms upstream from the Srirangapatnam is the spectacular Shivanasamudram falls. Its one of the more


    Shivanasamudram ( 1 Kms ), Srirangapatna ( 27 Kms ), Mysore ( 42 Kms )

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