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Tunga River Front
Jain Temple - Photo Courtesy Manjesh PV

Shimoga is a part of a region known as Malnad (land of hills) in Karnataka. Most/all these hills are part of the Western Ghats, a region known for plentiful rainfall and lush greenery and declared during 2012 as a World Heritage site.

Shimoga is kind of a center of an area, which are full of number of diverse options for guests to pursue such as.

Koodli lies 15 km away and is the place where the Tunga and Bhadra rivers meet and flow together as Tungabhadra. There are number of heritage temples found here.

Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari lies 12 km on the way to Sagara. Safari drives are conducted by forest department here.

B R P Dam is 28 kms built on the Bhadra river with a height of 186 feet.

Gajanur Dam, is home to a dam build on Tunga river. Sakkare Bayalu is an elephant training camp 2 km away from Gajanur Dam.

Around Sagara (60 kms from Shimoga) there are number of heritage temples and Gudavi Bird sanctuary for guests to pursue.

Around Thirthanhalli (50 kms) there are number of temples (Hindu and Jain) and even a King Cobra Sanctuary to pursue (Agumbe).

Shimoga therefore is an excellent getaway for a family and heritage traveller and anyone looking to explore Western Ghats.

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  • Harihareshwara Temple

    Temple or Holy Place
    Harihar is renowned for its 12th century Harihareshwara temple which was during Hoysala era. more


    Davanagere ( 15 Kms ), Shimoga ( 79 Kms )
  • Gajanur Dam

    Lake or Riverside
    Gajanur at 12 kms from Shimoga is set on Tunga River and well known for the dam built across the more


    Shimoga ( 12 Kms )
  • Sakkarebaylu is home to an elephant training camp run by the government of India. located on the more


    Shimoga ( 13 Kms ), Koppa ( 78 Kms )
  • Koodli

    Temple or Holy Place, Heritage Site
    Koodli is the place where two rivers, the Tunga River and Bhadra River, meet to give rise to the more


    Shimoga ( 15 Kms )
  • Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari where Lions and Tigers rescued circus around India are more


    Shimoga ( 15 Kms ), Koppa ( 99 Kms )
  • B R P Dam

    Lake or Riverside
    B R P Dam is 28 kms from Shimoga built on the Bhadra river. Its an excursion option for tourists more


    Shimoga ( 28 Kms )
  • Sri Rameshwara Temple

    Temple or Holy Place
    Sri Rameshwara Temple is the main temple of Thirthahalli situated on the banks of the river Tunga. more


    Thirthahalli ( 1 Kms )
  • Chibbalagudde

    Temple or Holy Place
    The temple of Sri Siddi Vinayaka and Matsyadhama is located in Chibbalagudde, ten kms from more


    Thirthahalli ( 9 Kms )
  • Agumbe is a small town and a mini-hill station with thick forests around. The area has the worlds more


    Thirthahalli ( 32 Kms ), Koppa ( 35 Kms )
  • Kundadri

    Temple or Holy Place
    Kundagiri Hills at 30 kms Shimoga are home to a 17th century Jain more


    Shimoga ( 30 Kms )
  • Gudavi Bird Sanctuary is a renowned bird sactuary. 200+ species of birds are found at this place. more


    Jog Falls ( 45 Kms ), Shimoga ( 90 Kms )
  • Gundekkal

    Temple or Holy Place
    Guddekal near Shimoga is home to Subrahmanya Temple near Tunga more


    Shimoga ( 4 Kms )
  • Nagara

    Heritage Site
    Nagara is visited ex-Thirthanhalli and is home to ancient Shivappanaika palace, fort, Devaganga more


    Thirthahalli ( 40 Kms )
  • Kedaresvara Temple at Balligavi is renowned pilgrimage and known as Dakshina Kedara means more


    Jog Falls ( 63 Kms ), Shimoga ( 77 Kms )
  • Humcha

    Temple or Holy Place
    Humcha is home to a Jain Matha. The Bhattaraka seat at Humcha was founded in the 8th century AD. more


    Thirthahalli ( 28 Kms ), Shimoga ( 56 Kms )
  • Amruthapura is renowned for 12th Century Amruteshvara temple representing Hoysala era more


    Shimoga ( 35 Kms ), Chikmagalur ( 67 Kms )

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