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Parasnath Hill

Sammet Shikhar is considered one of the ultimate pilgrimages in Jainism. This place is known as Sammet Shikhar, the ‘peak of concentration’, because 20 out of 24 Tirthankaras attained moksa through samadhi or meditative concentration at this location. Sammet Skhikhar pilgrimage is considered equivalent of Mecca in Jainism,

Starting from the base of the hills and over the peaks, the trek to Śikharjī and back is approximately 27 km. The trekkers usually start early in the morning, between 3 A.M. – 4 A.M. People who cannot walk all the way have an option to use the services of Palanquin.

The route is paved with concrete slabs all the way up and the slope is quite steep at places. There are also several places where steps have been constructed. Trekkers usually first reach Gautam swamy hill, then proceed towards Chandra Prabhu hill. On their way back, they visit Jal Mandir and finally Parasnath Hill via the Gautam swamy hill.

Sammet Skhikhar Pilgrimage popularly done in groups (Like the Chaar Dhams).

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