Sam Dunes Experience

Experiential | Desert Experience

Camp at Sam Sand Dunes
Camel at Sam Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes are located at an hour drive from Jaisalmer and are a hub of desert camps in the area. Sam has an excellent stretch of sweeping dunes. Typically guests arrive here in the evening, take a camel ride to the dunes, and enjoy sunset, return to the camps for an evening of traditional dance performance over an ethnic Rajasthani cuisine.
Sam Sand Dunes often found touristy and not best suited for guests looking for peace and tranquility. However there are camps here that are a bit away from the mainstream and provide excellent desert camping experience.
Recommended Stay Duration – 1 night

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  • Sam Sand Dunes

    Activity, View Point
    Sam Sand Dunes at about 40 kms from Jaisalmer are renowned for the touristy desert experience that more


    Sam, Jaisalmer ( 40 Kms )