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Manapad Beach

Manapad is a coastal hamlet in Tamil Nadu, 60 kms south of Tuticorin. Manapad has an unique coastline that is formed by multiple layers of lava accumulated over hundreds of years. This gives Manapad the rare distinction of witnessing the best wave formation throughout the year. So, Manapad is one of the best natural surfing sites in India. The world's best surfing guide called "" lists Manapad as one the best surfing sites globally.

Apart from surfing, the unique shape and profile of the Manapad coastline also makes it a suitable location for other water sports like, Sailing, Crab Hunting at night, Wakeboarding, Snorkeling, Scuba diving. Other leisure water activities like Game fishing, Open ocean boat rides, Dolphin watch trips can also be done in Manapad.

Manapad therefore is most unique and one of the few exclusively water based adventure getaways in India.

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  • Manapad is a coastal village 18 kms south of Tiruchendur. St. Francis Xavier came to Manapad in more


    Manapad ( 1 Kms ), Tiruchendur ( 16 Kms ), Tuticorin ( 56 Kms )