Mahaseer and Trout Fishing in Corbett Area

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Corbett is a renowned national park at about 250-280 kms from Delhi and one that offers one of the best Fishing experiences in India.


The Ramganga and Kosi River is famous for Mahaseer & Catfish. Biggest catches recorded here are Mahseer 76 pounds and Catfish 112 pounds.


Fishing is allowed between Oct. 01st and June 30th every year in this area. However the best fishing season is Oct. Nov. till mid Dec and then mid Feb to June end. 


Fishing is permitted on the stretch between Ramganga Resort at Marchula till downstream Domunda - a beat of about 14 kms. So those who are not staying around the area may have to take a Jeep to arrive.


Same is the case with Kosi. A lot of resorts are situated by the river. However the beat may be a bit far away except may be in the case of The Den Resort.


Permits : Resorts and Jungle lodges around Ramganga River are able to procure permits and arrange transport to and from the beat.


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