Maasai Mara Game Reserve Experience

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Wildebeest during Migration - Photo Courtesy Bjørn Christian Tørrissen
Masai Mara Grassland - Photo Courtesy Bjørn Christian Tørrissen
Giraffes in Masai Mara - Photo Courtesy Paul Mannix

Maasai Mara Game Reserve is widely considered to be Africa's greatest wildlife reserve. The Mara comprises 200 sq miles of open plains, woodlands and riverine forest.

Contiguous with the plains of the Serengeti, the Mara is home to a breathtaking array of life. Maasai Mara Game Reserve is where one finds the Big 5 of African game reserves i.e. Elephants, Lions, Bison, Rhinos and Cheetah. These are found in large numbers. Its common to experience Live kill during a game drive and spot many of the famous Big 5. The Mara and Talek rivers are brimming with Hippos and Crocodiles. The vast grassland plains are scattered with herds of Zebra, Giraffe, Gazelle, and Topi. The Acacia forests abound with Birdlife and Monkeys.

Each year the Mara plays host to the world's greatest natural spectacle, the Great Wildebeest Migration from the Serengeti. From July to October, the promise of rain and fresh life giving grass in the north brings more than 1.3 million Wildebeest together into a single massive herd. They pour across the border into the Mara, making a spectacular entrance in a surging column of life that stretches from horizon to horizon.

At the Mara River they mass together on the banks before finally plunging forward through the raging waters, creating a frenzy as they fight against swift currents and waiting crocodiles.

The Mara is probably the best serviced of all Kenyan Parks and Reserves with a wide range of Accommodation for any budget. The Reserve is a popular attraction with Safari operators. The reserve is ideal for game drives, and some lodges and camps offer walks and balloon safaris.

Access: 270 kms - 7 hours from Nairobi Airport or via a short flight from Nairobi Airport

Recommended Stay: Two to Three nights for the first time visitor. A wildlifer or a Wildlife Photographer can stay for a week to explore different areas.

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