Leopard, Wildlife and Countryside Experience at Siana

Wildlife | Leopard

On a Leopard Safari

Siana is surrounded by Aisrana hills, a part of Aravalli range between Ranakpur and Jalore. The evening drive around Aisrana range provides an opportunity to see the wildlife of the region and the elusive leopard is spotted frequently. As Leopard sightings otherwise are rare, it makes Siana a special kind of wildlife destination. One can also spot Bluebull, Chinkara, Indian stripped Hyena, Desert Fox, Civet cat and jungle cat.
Farm visits to the surrounding tribal villages, an evening safari to the jungle nearby Aisrana ranges for an experience of the wildlife. As these jungles are not an enclosed national park, night driving is permitted and one can get to see hyenas, desert cats, and panthers with spotlights at dusk.
Guests have the option to explore the villages around on a Horse, Jeep or Camel. Groups have an option to camp atop a dune for an overnight camping (uptp 50 tents). Siana offers multi-day safaris for small groups to travel into hinterland areas.
Recommended Stay Duration – 2 nights

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