Leopard Experience in Bera

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Leopard Sighting at Bera

Bera, situated in close proximity to the Jawai Dam, is a destination for Leopard sightings. Bera village is surrounded by hills & forest is known for bird watching and where one can spot Crocodile and Leopards. The area is home to more than 150 varieties of migratory birds in Winter.
The terrain is a mix of forest and rocky outcrops adjoining the villages. The rounded boulders make an easy abode for the leopard. Leopards are otherwise very rare and difficult to spot and their prolific sighting around Bera makes it a special kind of wildlife destination.
Additionally Bera is an home to a number of mammals that include the Bluebull, Crocodile, Hyena. During the Leopard safari in the evening, one can spot Wild Jungle Cats, Wolves, Jackals, Hare, Red Fox, etc. The area around Jawai Dam isn’t a reserve forest and therefore open all round the year for the Leopard experience.
Leopards Lair resort is located at just 50 kms from Ranakpur, and is run by the Royal family having wide experience in wildlife safaris and photography and recommended for anyone looking to sight leopards and a unique wildlife experience.
Recommended stay duration – 2 nights

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