Kaziranga wildlife experience

Wildlife | One horned Rhino

One horned Rhino
One horned Rhino
Hog Deer in Kaziranga
Swamp Deer in Kaziranga
Turtle in Kaziranga
One horned Rhino Couple
Asiatic Wild Buffalo in Kaziranga
Giant Monitor Lizard in Kaziranga
Rhino at a distance
Kaziranga Central Range
Wild Elephant herd in Eastern Range of Kaziranga
Elephant Safari in Central Range in Kaziranga
Wild Elephant in Kaziranga

Kaziranga (200 kms from Guwahati) is one of the best parks in India in terms of park experience and diversity.

Main Attraction of Kaziranga is one-horned rhinos, Wild Elephants and Asiatic Wild Buffalos. Tiger, Bear, Deer, Python and Monitor Lizard can also be sighted here. 

Kaziranga is also home to a large number of birds like crested serpant eagle, Fishing Eagles, Pelicans, Bengal Floricans, Jungle Fowl, Black naked stork etc.

Kaziranga covers 430 sq kms and it consists of three ranges viz. Kohora Range (Central), Bagori Range (Western) and Agaratoli Range (Eastern).

Jeep Safari and Elephant Rides are organised by the lodges / resorts here. Kaziranga is a wetland grassland habitat. Walks are not allowed as the Park has a huge large herbivore population of over 2000 rhinos, about 1000 swamp buffaloes and 900 plus elephants.

An elephant ride trip is conducted in the early hours 2 trips : 5 am and 6 am they are of 1 hour duration and a group of riding elephants go on an established route on the edge of the Park and close sighting of rhino, buffalo and swamp deer is possible. There are two places where this can be done (Western and Central range). But Overseas Nationals have to restrict themselves only to Central Range elephant rides.

Entry by vehicle is allowed in three ranges and one visit we term as half day game rides. Entry is allowed after 7:30 am till 5 PM. You can enter the Park three times in a day (i) during elephant ride (ii) two half day game rides. Unlike other parks in India, Kaziranga is open during Nov-April only.

Three ranges have following characteristics

# Western Range - Smaller and renowned for close range rhino sightings. Elephant rides are conducted in mornings.
# Central Range - Larger and is renowned for wide ranging sightings of Elephants, Wild Buffalos, Rhinos and wide ranging birds. Elephant rides are conducted in mornings.
# Eastern Range - Larger and is renowned for sightings of Elephants and Rhinos and especially recommended for bird watchers. Boat ride in Brahmaputra is also done from Eastern range.

Typical Stay Duration : 3 nights Seasonality – November to April

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