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katarniya Ghat
katarniya Ghat
katarniya Ghat
katarniya Ghat
katarniya Ghat

Katarniya Ghat Wildlife Sanctuary is situated 75-100 kms from Dudhwa where travellers arrive for sighting Gangetic Dolphins, Alligators and wide ranging birdlife.

Terai ecosystem around Katarniya Ghat comprises a mesmerizing mosaic of Sal and Teak forests, lush grasslands, steaming swamps and wetlands. It is shelter for the number of endangered and critically endangered species. It is among the few places that have retained their natural character. There are no private resorts or hotels within the reserve forest. The movement of traffic is sparse. The people who live within the forest are largely native tribals.

The forest is largely untouched, away from civilization and quiet. It is the perfect getaway for those seeking a brief vacation amidst the calls of birds, thick forests and sighting wildlife.

The Gairwa river which flows in the sanctuary area is declared as a sanctuary for Mugger and Gharial. It is also home to rare turtles, freshwater fish and a host of aquatic life. The river presents a scenic view on both banks with long forest tracts running into distance and overhanging trees on the river bank creating coves that attract visitors on motorboats.

It is among the few places in India where fresh water dolphins, also known as Gangetic dolphins, are found in their natural habitat. Since the water of Gairwa is comparatively cleaner and pure, dolphins in large numbers are found here.

Katarniya Ghat Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the must visit experiences for well heeled travellers and those looking to be in laps of nature away from all tourists and chaos.

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