K Gudi Wildlife and bird watching getaway

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Elephant Ride at BR Hills

Biligiri Ranganna Hills (B.R Hills) is a mix of hill station (3000+ ft asl) and wildlife / bird watching destination being a haven for a variety of wild animals and birds.

The Deciduous, Evergreen and Grassland vegetation types existing here offer refuge to a variety of wildlife. The commonly sighted animals are leopard, elephant, tiger, gaur, wild dog, sloth bear, barking deer, spotted deer, sambar, wild boar, porcupine, python, Malabar giant squirrel, to name a few.

More than 270 species of birds exist here, including the scarlet minivet, velvet-fronted nuthatch, gold-fronted chloropsis, lorikeet, blossom-headed parakeet, heart-spotted woodpecker and malabar whistling thrush among numerous others, making it an Ornithologist’s delight.

Guests can opt for a Jeep safari or a trek to explore the park area.

K Gudi (Or BR Hills as its also known) is best accessed either from Bangalore or Mysore and is recommended getaway for any nature centric getaway seeker with an interest in Wildlife and Bird watching.


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