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Pattaya Beach

Pattaya is a renowned beach destination and getaway ex-Bangkok (150 kms). While most of the Pattaya is touristy, there are number of islands around Pattaya that offer guests more exclusive experience.

Koh Larn: Most popularly known as Coral Island is the largest pf Pattaya offshore islands and is just 45 minutes away from Pattaya. The major attractions include sightseeing along the coral reefs which can viewed from glass-bottomed boat besides tourist can also opt for snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, skiing, and parasailing.

Kok Sah: It is just 600 m away from Koh Larn shaped as a tiny horseshoe. It has coral reef in front of the two beaches. The beaches are open for the tourist to have a good feel of the crystal clear water.

Ang Sila or Ang Hin: this one of the oldest fishing village and was also formerly one of the oldest seaside resorts, which lays just 5 kilometers away Chonburi. This place is famous for cottage industry and making stone mortars and animal sculptures. Local handicrafts are available to the tourists for sale.

Koh Krok: It is a small island covering an area of only 0.05 sq.kms which approximately just 8 kms from the shore. This place is ideal for coral viewing.

Kok Phai: It is a group of islands comprising Ko Phai, Ko Manwaiwichai, Ko Luam, Ko Badan etc; they are situated about 30 kms from Pattaya and takes 2 hours to reach. The main attractions in these islands are the coral reefs, which is visible from the clear water.

Above Islands can be visited by opting for an Island excursion ex-Pattaya.


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