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Harihareshwar Temple
Harihareshwar Temple Pradakshina
Gayatri Kund

Harihareshwar or Dakshin Kashi as it is a popular pilgrim centre sporting an idyllic beachfront.

Lord Harihareshwar Temple is considered one of the most significant temples of the area situated right on the Harihareshwar beach overlooking Arabian Sea. Lord Harihareshwar is believed to have been blessed by Lord Shiva. Right next to Harihareshwar Temple is Vishnu Pad where foot marks of Lord Vishnu can be seen on the shore. 

Guest also visit Suvarn Ganesh Temple - Diveagar - A self incarnated Ganesh Temple on the Srivardhan - Diveagar road and enjoy idyllic beaches and excellent drives.

For guests looking to go deeper into local pilgrimage

* Gayatri Tirth, Sita Sansar, Vishnu pad, Pandav Tirth, 101 Kaurav Astitv (around Harihareswar Temple)
* A Gram Devata - Somajadevi (10 Km)
* Jeevaneshwar Temple - Swayambhu Shivpind (12 kms)
* Laxmi Narayan Temple
* Rupnarayan Temple Diveagar (22 kms)
* Bhairvnath, Kusumadevi, Rameshwar, Bharadhkol Vitthal Temple
* Samsher Baba Peer Dargah

Stay Duration: 1 or 2 nights Seasonality: All round the year

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