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Genting Highlands - Cable Car

Genting Highlands (5500+ ft asl) is a destination resort near Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia that has a theme park, a casino and a golf resort.

Genting Highlands is accessible via a cable car from Kuala Lumpur and has 5 integrated hotels within that having over 10000 rooms.

The Theme park which is popular with family travelers have 50+ rides and is considered one of the best theme parks for offering salubrious climate and excellent experience.

The Casino here is popular with local and regional tourists with interest in Gaming. The Casino here is one of the largest.

The Golf Resort here is most exclusive and has held many international tournaments and one for the premium and luxury traveler.

Genting Highlands is one of the most popular regional getaway and one that is visited as part of any family traveler itinerary to Malaysia.

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  • Genting Skyway (3.38 kms) is best way to connect Kuala Lumpur to Genting highlands. Genting Skyway more


    Genting Highlands ( 10 Kms ), Kuala Lumpur ( 45 Kms )

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