Gangotri Pilgrimage

Hindu Pilgrimage | Chaar Dham

Bhairon Ghati

Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath are collectively known as the "Chaar Dham". Gangotri, Yamunotri are origins of holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna where as Kedarnath and Badrinath are one of the holiest places of worship for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu devotees respectively.

All Chaar Dhams lie in different corners of Garhwal region and are generally done as part of what's termed as Chaar Dham circuit itineraries. These itineraries typically are ex-Haridwar or Ex-Delhi.

Gangotri (295 kms from Haridwar) is the origin of the holy river Ganga and therefore very significant Hindu Pilgrimage.

Typically only Gangotri itinerary guests stay at Uttarkashi or Harsil and from there Gangotri can be approached.

Guests looking to trek to Gaumukh glacier from where Ganga originates, take a night halt at Bhojbasa.

Stay Duration: 2 nights ex-Haridwar Season-May– Oct



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  • Gangotri Temple

    Temple or Holy Place, View Point
    Gangotri (9000+ ft asl) is one of the four pilgrimages part of the Char Dham circuit. Gangotri is more


    Gangotri, Bhojbasa ( 13 Kms ), Harsil ( 21 Kms )
  • Gaumukh Glacier

    Temple or Holy Place, Adventure
    Gaumukh Glacier is origin of Holy River Ganga. It is a stiff trek from Gangotri and guests more


    Harsil ( 28 Kms )
  • Bhairon Ghati

    Temple or Holy Place
    Bhairon Nath Temple at Bhairon Ghati is surrounded by thick forest and can be approached by road more


    Harsil ( 30 Kms )
  • Dodi Tal Trek

    Dodi Tal (18 kms from Uttarkashi) is a high altitude lake (10000+ ft asl) and a very popular more


    Uttarkashi ( 18 Kms )
  • Maneri Riverside

    Lake or Riverside
    A riverside area enroute Yamunotri where many pilgrim camps catering to Chardham sector pilgrims more


    Maneri, Uttarkashi ( 13 Kms )
  • Dayara Bugyal

    High altitude Meadows (9000 + ft above sea level) and a popular summer trek (Medium level of more


    Maneri ( 19 Kms ), Uttarkashi ( 39 Kms )
  • Gangnani Hot Springs

    Natural Wonders
    Gangnani, also known as Rishikund tirth, is the place where devotees generally prefer to bathe in more


    Harsil ( 27 Kms ), Uttarkashi ( 45 Kms )
  • Pandav Gufa

    Activity, Temple or Holy Place
    The Pandav Gufa is a 1.5 km trek from Gangotri where it is believed that Pandavas meditated on more


    Harsil ( 25 Kms )
  • Uttarkashi has a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva (Kashi Vishwanath Temple) in the center of the more


  • Suryakund Waterfalls

    Natural Wonders
    Suryakund are a set of waterfalls that are visited enroute to Gangotri. more


    Harsil ( 5 Kms )