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Elephant Ride at Dubare
Cauvery River
Elephant Feeding
Elephant Bathing
Elephant Experience
View from Rajas Seat
Rajas Seat
Rajas Seat Garden
Lighting at Rajas Seat
Ambatty Greens Golf Course
Elephant ride in Cauvery Nisargadhama
Cauvery Nisargadhana
Cauvery Nisargadhana
Bylakuppe Monastery
Bylakuppe Monastery
Views from Galibeedu
Coffee Beans
Cauvery River Flowing through Siddhapur
Kutta Views

Coorg (also known as Kodagu) is a region in South-West of Karnataka known for its Coffee and Spice Plantations. Coorg is situated 2000 - 3500 ft above sea level and enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. The region received moderate rainfall all through the year and therefore visited even during monsoon. The region is known for its unique cuisine, culture and its plantation resorts and homestays. Madikeri (3500 ft) is a hill station and the main town here. Siddhapura (2300 ft) is a plantation town.

South Coorg (Kutta etc.) are now coming up as base for adventure oriented getaways for rafting, fishing and trekking. South Coorg lies closer to Nagarhole national park buffer area and 50 kms from Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. From here guests can easily access Nagarhole park and Wayanad wildlife sanctuary of the neighboring North Kerala.

Overseas (Inbound) guests love the plantation feel, bicycle ride in the plantation trails, walks, trekking, fishing, rafting are different possibilities. Guests love an elephant ride at the Dubare Elephant Sanctuary and a visit to the Tibaten monastery nearby at Kushalnagar.

Cuisine - Kodagu Cuisine is a unique cuisine full of local spices. Kodagus eat a lot of non-veg (chicken, mutton and pork) and that shows in their specialities. However Kodagu cuisine has a very extensive Vegetarian Fare as well. Crystal Court has a separate Veg. only dining for those who prefer that way.

Plantations homestays has made coorg renowned for its plantation experience and therefore a favorite ex-Bangalore weekend getaway option.

Typical Stay: 2 nights for a getaway and 3-4 nights otherwise Seasonality: All round the year

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  • Bylakuppe is a tibetan settlement where an impressive monastery has been setup besides number of more


    Coorg (Kushalnagar) ( 6 Kms ), Coorg (Siddhapur) ( 36 Kms ), Coorg (Madikeri) ( 40 Kms ), Coorg (Virajpet) ( 55 Kms )
  • Omkareshwar Temple Coorg

    Temple or Holy Place
    Omkareshwar temple in Coorg (built in 1820) overlooks a water tank and is located on outskirts of more


    Coorg (Madikeri) ( 1 Kms ), Coorg (Napoklu) ( 21 Kms ), Coorg (Kushalnagar) ( 30 Kms ), Coorg (Siddhapur) ( 30 Kms ), Coorg (Virajpet) ( 33 Kms )
  • Iruppu Falls

    Natural Wonders

    The Irupu Falls are located in the Brahmagiri Range in South Coorg bordering Wayanad area of more


    Coorg (Kutta) ( 8 Kms ), Nagarhole ( 23 Kms ), Coorg (Siddhapur) ( 50 Kms ), Coorg (Virajpet) ( 50 Kms )
  • Igguthappa Temple

    Temple or Holy Place
    Paadi Igguthappa Temple (1810) is a prominent place of worship. The temple, located atop a hill in more


    Coorg (Napoklu) ( 12 Kms ), Coorg (Virajpet) ( 27 Kms ), Coorg (Madikeri) ( 32 Kms ), Coorg (Siddhapur) ( 47 Kms )
  • Talacauvery

    Temple or Holy Place
    Talacauveri is the the origin of the river Cauvery. There are several temples around here and is a more


    Coorg (Napoklu) ( 33 Kms ), Coorg (Madikeri) ( 48 Kms ), Coorg (Virajpet) ( 58 Kms ), Coorg (Siddhapur) ( 65 Kms )
  • Dubare Elephant Camp

    Activity, Rides
    Dubare elephant camp is set across Cauvery river (A short boat ride required to access) near more


    Coorg (Kushalnagar) ( 5 Kms ), Coorg (Siddhapur) ( 20 Kms ), Coorg (Madikeri) ( 28 Kms ), Coorg (Virajpet) ( 32 Kms ), Coorg (Napoklu) ( 50 Kms )
  • Cauvery Nisargadhama is a 64 acre nature park having anmals in its nature habitat and is visited more


    Coorg (Kushalnagar) ( 3 Kms ), Coorg (Siddhapur) ( 25 Kms ), Coorg (Madikeri) ( 30 Kms ), Coorg (Virajpet) ( 41 Kms )
  • Thadiyandamol is the highest peak in Coorg area (5700+ ft asl) and an area renowned for trekking. more


    Coorg (Napoklu) ( 15 Kms ), Coorg (Madikeri) ( 35 Kms ), Coorg (Virajpet) ( 50 Kms )
  • Abbey Falls

    Natural Wonders
    Abbey Falls are a set of waterfalls located at 8 kms from Madikeri One has to walk through more


    Coorg (Madikeri) ( 8 Kms ), Coorg (Napoklu) ( 26 Kms ), Coorg (Siddhapur) ( 35 Kms ), Coorg (Kushalnagar) ( 35 Kms ), Coorg (Virajpet) ( 40 Kms )
  • Brahmagiri Hills can be reached by a trek from Kutta in South Coorg or from Tirunelli from more


    Wayanad (Tirunelly) ( 11 Kms ), Coorg (Kutta) ( 17 Kms )
  • Rajas Seat

    View Point, Gardens
    Rajas Seat is a seasonal garden of flowers and artificial fountains. It is one of the popular more


    Coorg (Madikeri) ( 1 Kms ), Coorg (Napoklu) ( 20 Kms ), Coorg (Siddhapur) ( 28 Kms ), Coorg (Kushalnagar) ( 31 Kms ), Coorg (Virajpet) ( 32 Kms )
  • Honnamana Lake

    Lake or Riverside
    Honnamana Kere is a lake is the biggest lake in Coorg set in north coorg area surrounded by more


    Coorg (Kushalnagar) ( 36 Kms ), Coorg (Madikeri) ( 40 Kms )
  • Upper Barapole River drains the eastern flanks of Brahmagiri Ghats and White water rafting is more


    Coorg (Kutta) ( 13 Kms ), Coorg (Virajpet) ( 40 Kms )
  • Madikeri Fort

    Heritage Site
    Madikeri Fort was first built in the last quarter of the 17th century and was later rebuilt and more


    Coorg (Madikeri) ( 1 Kms )
  • Neverland Adventure Park in West Coorg is one of the most popular day outing options for more


    Coorg (Napoklu) ( 14 Kms ), Coorg (Virajpet) ( 20 Kms ), Coorg (Madikeri) ( 34 Kms )
  • Nalknad Palace

    Heritage Site
    Nalnad Palace is a 18th century monument at Kakkabe. This palace was the last refuge of the last more


    Coorg (Napoklu) ( 12 Kms ), Coorg (Virajpet) ( 25 Kms )
  • Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary in North Wayanad bordering Coorg and Nagarhole areas is where more


    Coorg (Kutta) ( 10 Kms ), Wayanad (Tirunelly) ( 13 Kms ), Nagarhole ( 14 Kms ), Wayanad (Mananthavady) ( 20 Kms )