Chiang Rai - A Laidback hillside Getaway

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Clock Tower at Chiang Rai
Sadue Mueang, Omphalos of the City

Chiang Rai is a laidback hillside getaway at 860 kms north of Bangkok and lies on the edge of borders with Laos and Myanmar.

Chiang Rai is much different from other more commercialized beach getaways and hillside getaways. Chiang Rai offers a laidback character and a salubrious climate all round the year being situated at 3600 ft asl.

Chiang Rai offers guests excursions to explore hill tribes around the border towns nearby. These trips also allow guests to explore natural beauty and hillside character of the area.

Chiang Rai boats of an adventure park with a range of activities that includes Asia’s largest swing, 20+ trekking routes and a range of walking / soft adventure options.

Chiang Rai is recommended for off-beat travelers, nature travelers and guests looking to explore culture and tribal heritage of the area.

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