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Bah is situated at 80 kms South of Agra on the old Agra-Etawah route. Around this area is where Yamuna and Chambal River meet. Area now is thanks to efforts of The Chambal Conservation Foundation (set up in 1999 by Kunwar Ram Pratap Singh and his wife, local royal family members), is known for Gangetic Dolphins, Migratory Birds, Alligators, Crocodiles.

Chambal today has emerged as a destination for bird watching and exclusive experiential getaway offering a variety of activities and excursions not found anywhere else:

Even today Camel is an important means of goods transfer across the Chambal river. Guests can experience this and exploration of ravines through Camel Safaris. Camel Safaris allow guests to roam around the area where once famed dacoits of Chambal roamed. Guests get transported back in time as one ambles along long forgotten trails and pathways. One may take a Camel Safari along the riverbanks, into the ravines, through villages and up to Fort Ater (Half day excursion). There would be excellent bird watching along the Chambal river and one can even spot alligators that are “parked” on one of the riverine islands or river banks.

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