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Royal Palace at Phnom Penh - Photo Courtesy Arnaud-Victor Monteux

Cambodia is a country in South East Asia visited by off-beat and heritage traveler. Cambodia is also part of renowned Indo-China circuit comprising Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam.

Main reason for guests coming to Cambodia is centred around Angkor Wat Temples, a most renowned UNESCO world heritage site. Angkor Wat Temples is massive and seen to be believed. Guests take anything from a day to a week to cover every corner of it and appreciate. For local tourists from neighboring countries there are quite a few other destinations as well.

One of the surprises of a Cambodia trip is bargain shopping experience. The term Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest and Cambodia probably was coined after guests arriving from western countries found everything sold on the streets of Phnom Penh ridiculously cheap even cheaper than what you'd find in Flea markets of Bangkok.

While Thailand represents fun, adventure and leisure, Cambodia is more serious and intense. The wartime history and excesses make for quite a story, the poverty and lack of any significant nightlife means that its recommended for family travellers and serious travel enthusiasts more than the leisure beach tourism travellers. However that also is changing with development of other destinations around Cambodia.

Hotels at Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat are very cheap going by International Standards and have upto 5-star category accommodations. However other destinations don't have big hotels and have simpler stays.

Cambodia represents a refreshing extension for guests traveling to Thailand visiting beach getaways and highlands. Cambodia is a must visit for world heritage traveler for the sheer experience the Angkor Wat offers.

Season to Travel - Dry Season (Nov - April) Visa - e-visa available within 2-3 days of applicabtion

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