Bird watching in Tirthan Valley and GHNP

Bird Watching | Resident and Migratory

White Capped Redstart in Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley (3500+ ft asl) area is a renowned adventure hub in Himachal Pradesh (200+ kms from Chandigarh, 50+ kms before Kullu) where guests arrive for Fishing, river based adventure activities and trekking in Great Himalayan National Park.

Tirthan Valley alongwith Great Himalayan National Park is home to 200+ species of birds and is where experienced bird watchers arrive for special pheasants like Cheer Pheasant , Kaleej and Koklas and Tragopan.

Some of the more commonly found birds include Grey treepie, Red and Yellow-billed blue magpie, Black-throated tit, White capped redstart, Plumbeous redstart, Brown dipper etc.

Bird density is not good and forests around are rather thick. So one has to walk around a lot in order to find uncommon bird varieties. Half day trip, full day trip can be organised for bird watchers. Overnight camping can be organised for bird watcher groups looking to go deeper in GHNP for specific target birds. Tirthan Valley is recommended for bird watchers who would like to combine walking, trekking and a himalayan experience with bird watching. 

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