Bird watching in Nameri

Bird Watching | Resident and Migratory

Ibisbill at Nameri National Park (Photo Courtesy: Mohanram Kemparaju)
Imperial Green Pigeon in Nameri
Cormorants in Nameri
Black Stork in Nameri

Nameri National Park is one of Assam’s main national parks situated in its North-West boundary bordering Arunachal Pradesh. Nameri National Park is known for bird watching especially for the ‘Great Hornbill’.
The popular waterfowl here are the great cormorant, Ibisbill, Ruddy Shelduck, Common Merganser and the Eurasian Woodcock. The Eurasian Woodcock is one of the rarest birds to be spotted here
Apart from these more than 150 varieties of birds are spotted here including Red Vented Bulbul, Grey Headed Fishing Eagle, Hill Myna, Common Iora , Scarlet Minivet etc.
Winter is a good time to arrive here for Bird Watching. Nameri Eco Camp is an excellent base point to explore Bird watching in the area.

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