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Bird watching in Heritage Retreats of Rajasthan

Bird Watching | Resident and Migratory

Bhap Village Views (Nivalink Trip Dated - 8 March 2008)
Jaisamand Lake (Nivalink Trip Dated - 19 March 2011)
Jhadol Lake (Nivalink Trip Dated - 19 March 2011)
Sardar Samand Lake Pali (Nivalink Trip Dated - 18 March 2008)
Bird Watching near Phalodi in Kheechan - Photo Courtesy Chinmay
White Breasted Kingfisher on the edge of Kailisil Lake (Nivalink Trip Dated - 11 December 2013)
Red Wattled Lapwing on edge of Kailisil Lake (Nivalink Trip Dated - 11 December 2013)
Egret at Kailisil Lake (Nivalink Trip Dated - 11 December 2013)
Crow Pheasant at Kailisil Lake (Nivalink Trip Dated - 11 December 2013)
Pond Heron at Kailisil Lake (Nivalink Trip Dated - 11 December 2013)
On a Wilderness Drive at Ramathra (Nivalink Trip Dated - 11 December 2013)

Rajasthan is renowned for its Bird watching and there are number of heritage and getaway retreats in Rajasthan that actively facilitate Bird watching. Migratory birds arrive in Winter (Oct – March) and its also the best season to arrive at these retreats.

# Ahmedabad – Udaipur Route – Udaibilas Palace (Dungarpur), Jhadol Safari lodge (Jhadol)

# Around Udaipur – Jaisamand Island Resort, Fort Dhariyawad

# Around Jodhpur – Sardar Samand Palace (Pali)

# Udaipur - Jodhpur - Route - leopard Lair Bera, Castle Bera

# Chittorgarh – Ajmer Route – Shahpura Bagh, Bijayniwas Palace, Fort Barli

# Old Jaipur – Udaipur Route – Ravla Jojawar, Deogarh Mahal

# Jaisalmer Bikaner Route – Barsingha Villa Bhap, Lal Niwas Phalodi

# Agra - Ranthambhore route – Ramathra Fort

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  • One of the ancient towns in Rajasthan, Pali is famous for its temples, forts and more
  • Jaisamand Lake is situated 50 kms from Udaipur and area around is excellent for bird watching. more
  • Deogarh is home to a celebrated heritage hotel and is an authentic Rajasthani heritage experience more
  • Dhariyawad Estate is a private reserve forest surrounding Sita Mata Jungle at 100 kms South-East more
  • Phalodi otherwise a stopover on the Jaisalmer - Bikaner route came on the Bird watching map on more
  • Bhap is home to Barsingha villa, an experiential stay offering best of authentic rural rajasthan more
  • Fort barli at 7 kms from Bijaynagar is an experiential stay experience for guests on the Jaipur - more
  • Bijaynagar lies 65 kms from Ajmer on the Bhilwara - Chittorgarh route. Bijaynagar is situated near more
  • Jhadol lies 48 kms South of Udaipur overlooking a lake and is excellent for a group getaway and more
  • Jojawar is a heritage getaway 140 kms from Udaipur and Jodhpur. Rawla Jojawar and Kesar Bagh offer more
  • Bera is situated 50 kms of Ranakpur and 150 kms from Udaipur and known for Leopard sightings. more
  • Ramathra is set around a fort at 40 kms from Karauli. Ramathra is set around Kailisil lake more

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  • Jawai Dam area in Rajasthan is renowned for Migratory birds with Flamingos being the prime more


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