Bird Watching in Corbett

Bird Watching | Resident and Migratory

Lesser Pied Kingfisher on Kosi River
Khalij Pheasant in Jhirna
Himalayan Griffon Vulture on Corbett - Pauri highway
Grey Hornbill in Garjia area
Great Hornbill in Durgadevi area
Chestnut headed bee eater in Durgadevi area
White capped Redstart in Durgadevi
Serpent Eagle in Dhikala
Ruddy Shelduck on Ramnagar Outskirts
River Lapwing on Kosi River
Oriental White Eye in Garjia
Long Tailed Minivet in Garjia

Corbett is a renowned national park at about 250-280 kms from Delhi and one that offers one of the best getaway experiences in India. Corbett is known for Bird watching, Wildlife (Including Tigers), nature walks / trekking and Trout / Mahaseer Fishing.

Corbett is home to the highest number of Bird species (resident as well as migratory) among all other parks and areas in India. Corbett sees a high concentration of Grey Hornbills and one of the few areas where Great Hornbill and Oriental Pied Hornbills can be spotted relatively easily. The area around is also home to raptors such as Serpant Eagle, Oriental Honey Buzzard and himalayan Griffon Vulture. Rarer King Vultures can be seen overhead flying. Durgadevi range is home to birds of higher altitude such as Rufus bellied Niltava and where Himalayan woodpecker & spotted tree creeper can be seen. 

The area of the park is large and divided into many ranges.

* Bijrani Range - Most popular and accessible. (Open Oct - June). Good for wildlife but not so good for bird waetching.
* Durgadevi Range - Little farther and closer to lodges situated in Marchula, Mohan and Kumaria (Open Oct - June). Considered excellent for Bird watching. 
* Jhirna Range - This is closest in terms of access and open all round the year. Good for bird watching (e.g. Khalij Pheasant)
* Dhikala Range - 40 kms from the private lodges and provides the best park experience. Accommodation inside comprise very basic Forest rest houses (FRH). Open Nov-15th to June - 15th. Day visit to Dhikala by canter is organised but is of no use for bird watching. Guests staying at Gairal FRH and Dhikala have a better bird watching experience than at Sultan FRH.
* Sitabani - This is not officially under any range and therefore any vehicle can be taken. Pawalgarh is located nearby and the area is considered excellent for Bird watching. Pawalgarh is now a designated bird watching site and therefore recommended for bird watchers.

There are number of resorts / Lodges where one can do a bit of bird watching from the lodge / resort itself. The resorts in Dhela area and one in the Kumaria area provide excellent Bird watching. Resorts on Kosi riverfront have excellent view of the birds in and around Kosi River such as River Lapwing, Pied Kingfisher, Cormorant, Egret, Bee eaters etc. Over 3 days one can expect anywhere from 50-100 species depending on the park ranges visited and area covered.

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