Bird Watching in Chitwan National Park

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Asian Paradise Flycatcher - Photo Courtesy JM Garg

Chitwan National Park is a wildlife and bird watching destination in Nepal bordering Dudhwa National Park in Uttar Pradesh state (India). 540+ species have been recorded in the Chitwan National Park, much more than in any other protected area in Nepal.

The park is one of the few known breeding sites of the globally threatened spotted eagle. Apart from the resident birds about 160 migrating and vagrant species arrive in Chitwan in autumn from northern latitudes to spend the winter here, among them the Greater Spotted Eagle, Eastern Imperial Eagle and Pallas's Fish-eagle. Common sightings include Brahminy ducks and goosanders. Large flocks of bar-headed geese just rest for a few days in February on their way north.

As soon as the winter visitors have left in spring, the summer visitors arrive from southern latitudes. The calls of cuckoos herald the start of spring. The colourful Bengal Pittas and several sunbird species are common breeding visitors during monsoon.

Grasslands in the park are important breeding grounds for many endangered species and therefore remains a popular bird watcher destination.

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