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Siana is surrounded by Aisrana hills, a part of Aravalli range between Ranakpur and Jalore. The area around Siana, which consists of dry desert plains and rocky desert hills rising dramatically out of the plains, partly clothed in scrub jungle, that provides great birding opportunities.
Specialties of area include Indian (or Long-billed) Vulture, Indian Thick-knee (split from Eurasian), Rock Bush Quail, Painted Sandgrouse, the skulking Sirkeer Malkoha, the impressive Indian (or Rock) Eagle Owl, Ashy-crowned Sparrow-Lark, Indian Bushlark, the uncommon and nomadic White-bellied Minivet, Large Grey Babbler and Bay-backed Shrike, while more widespread species include Red Collared Dove, Little Swift, Common Hoopoe, Dusky Crag Martin, Red-rumped Swallow.
Birding enthusiasts can drive out to Bithan and Punak situated at about 30 minutes from Siana for a variety of local and visiting birds. During the winter season species like Demoiselle cranes, variety of duck and geese, flamingoes and pelicans can be sighted.
Recommended Stay Duration – 2 nights

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